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Winter cometh.
^ Contrast is a little too jarring for my taste.
Thanks Personal for sure....Nothing really comes close in my shoe collection. St. C have been a revelation for me, quite honestly.
Some chukkas...
St. Crispin
Vente Privée. I think around £500. Not exactly bargain of the century...
Yes probably subs but not a bad price if you were looking for a pair of St. Crepin 2010 (assuming they sell for starting bid).I purchased one or two subs from JL a few years back and much like EG, the faults were difficult to spot.
I have a pair of Lobb gold museum calf oxfords and the toe area is definitely darker. I do tend to do a mirror shine every other polishing. Not sure if that has added to the effect...
Something for the approaching Russian winter... Santoni:
I snagged a couple of pairs. Thanks, TD.
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