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Zegna Suede Jacket 44R
Thanks for that info. Will try again next week.
I'd echo what's been said. Choice not that great. Not a great deal of choice in UK 8. Spotted some olive green wingtips which were very nice but sadly none in my size. £460 not too bad if you find a pair you've been hankering after for a while.
"Waterfall" / "kissing" buttons overlap eachother:(Image courtest of Stylebuff)
Go for a shave in Geo. F Trumper if you have time (and the inclination of course)
Hermès did a collaboration with Liberty a couple of years back. They also used a "Tana Lawn" floral cotton which actually looked very similar to the one in your post. The tie was a 3-fold construction and produced a woefully flat and lifeless knot. I would wait to see what the tie makers say but I would say that 3 fold probably isn't the way to go.
Sadly this is applicable for a lot of stores in the UK now.
These Church's navy blue suede chukkas are nice... UK 10
You guys really get some fantastic deals over there...
I'm really surprised that the DSR rules haven't changed in the U.S.
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