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Good eye
Some prints:
8.5 D (UK 8.5E) Standard Width. G&G do not make narrow or wide width for RLPL.
Got too many black shoes so these have to go. Brand new without box / trees. G&G for Ralph Lauren Purple Label "Narvell" in UK 8.5 on the TG73 (standard width) £330 shipped worldwide.
Zegna Suede Jacket 44R
Thanks for that info. Will try again next week.
I'd echo what's been said. Choice not that great. Not a great deal of choice in UK 8. Spotted some olive green wingtips which were very nice but sadly none in my size. £460 not too bad if you find a pair you've been hankering after for a while.
"Waterfall" / "kissing" buttons overlap eachother:(Image courtest of Stylebuff)
Go for a shave in Geo. F Trumper if you have time (and the inclination of course)
Hermès did a collaboration with Liberty a couple of years back. They also used a "Tana Lawn" floral cotton which actually looked very similar to the one in your post. The tie was a 3-fold construction and produced a woefully flat and lifeless knot. I would wait to see what the tie makers say but I would say that 3 fold probably isn't the way to go.
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