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Hi [redacted] (apologies), Please can you resend your email. We have not had any contact from you other than the message that you sent on 23rd March, asking to swap a pair of sunglasses on your order for another model. Kind regards.
Brand New John Lobb Wingtips £165 UK 7
Very good discounts at Flannels at the moment. 90% off some items such as this Boglioli Flannel Chalkstripe Suit for £75 (down from £795) Rest of the items here:
There's a good mix from D - F widths.The missing fifth pair shall remain missing... There were not too many boots. Possible they may be bringing those out at a later date.Just a reminder to other members, I cannot hold these for anyone. I'm giving a good 10 - 15 minutes for payment and then will move down the list.Thanks
No probs - please pm me.
OK the only proxy I'll be doing this year. Each pair at cost plus the actual postage and fees incurred. 1) EG Paycen 8/8.5E Hazel Antique with white suede on the 888 Tiny red mark on the inside of the right shoe which I can't pick out on the camera. Suede was a little dusty. £195 (On the clearance section) 2) EG Dover 8/8.5E Dark Oak Antique on the 606 Can't see any real problems with these £345 (Hand sewn price) SOLD 3) EG Chelsea 8.5 / 9E Dark Oak Antique...
Hi can you please check your PM.Thanks
Guys, please throw in a Tom Ford solid navy tie also:
+1.Having a quick look through their blog, most of the photos are superb. A little sharpening here and there but I am pretty sure that there is a minimal amount of post going on (especially with regards to contrast).Very well lit and composed photographs. LF photos are IMO some of the best out there.It's very difficult to get a photograph which looks that good straight out of the camera. A lot of time would have been spent getting the lighting and composition absolutely...
John Lobb St. Crepin 2010 Double Monks Worn only a few times. Dark brown misty calf. UK 7.5E on the 7000 last. Trees / boxed with dustbags. £550 shipped worldwide.
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