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Guys, please throw in a Tom Ford solid navy tie also:
+1.Having a quick look through their blog, most of the photos are superb. A little sharpening here and there but I am pretty sure that there is a minimal amount of post going on (especially with regards to contrast).Very well lit and composed photographs. LF photos are IMO some of the best out there.It's very difficult to get a photograph which looks that good straight out of the camera. A lot of time would have been spent getting the lighting and composition absolutely...
John Lobb St. Crepin 2010 Double Monks Worn only a few times. Dark brown misty calf. UK 7.5E on the 7000 last. Trees / boxed with dustbags. £550 shipped worldwide.
I'll take a few tomorrow.
Not sure if you mean the ones I ordered? The Buffalo wasn't actually in the swatch book but Mark @ The Armoury recommended it. Very glad I took his advice.
GIG Suede Oxfords 8D £299 OBO
Great price on those EG ^^ Loro Piana Leather Coat M
JL St. Crepin Black Double Monks UK 7 With Trees
+1. The Santonis pictured above are probably not the best example but some Ltd Edition models are way up there.On the other end of the scale, the standard Santoni offerings can be dreadfully woeful. This probably skews people's perception of the quality and workmanship.
Not sure if this will be of interest to anyone but Kurt Geiger are offering 25% off everything for 5 days. Code F&FKG25 C&J Stock: http://www.kurtgeiger.com/men.html?brand=brand|Crockett+%26+Jones
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