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Bought from End Clothing last year. Fantastic quality, made in USA, lovely thick oxford cloth. Getting rid as I have far too many other white oxfords, and this gets no wear. Barely worn. Excellent condition. Sizing info here. £140 within UK. +£10 for international.
WTB Wool CPO, olive or navy, non tropical version, size medium. Missed out on one on grailed/here.
a longshot, but I missed the MTO group for a pair of black adelaide brogues in the Park last (101490) at the start of the year. on the off chance, did someone order a pair of these in UK8.5 and want to move them on? I'm based in the UK.
Looking forward to an update on this!
Temple of Jawnz (ToJ) Tan Suede Baseball Jacket This one, sz 50. Suede is in excellent condition - very slight darkening where knitted cuffs meet the sleeve, and on the placket. £170 including delivery by RMSD within UK. +£20 within EU. Measurements P2P = about 21.7 inches Front length (bottom of collar down) = about 24.5 inches Back length (bottom of collar down) = about 26.5 inches
wtb bball in sand, sz50. here's to hoping.
Suitsupply herringbone sienna (with what looks like a spot of water on the lapel) Kent Wang unicorn pocket square Uniqlo cardigan Drakes tie Kamakura shirt
CD, square is this one.
Not great pictures, but I'd like to start contributing. Shoulders are clean, I'm just pressed up against my chair that's causing the divots. Kent Wang suit and pocket square Luxire shirt Drakes shantung tie Carmina x Epaulet Greeley balmoral boot
Just to reiterate - I really can't complain about the fit of my suit, it is excellent (as I think the above picture demonstrates, save for the trousers being perhaps .5 - .75" too short; this seems odd, as I remember I insisted on a lengthier inseam than I was first measured for). I just wanted to raise the issue that the jacket was missing two major details that I specified - 3R2 and a ticket pocket.
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