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wtb bball in sand, sz50. here's to hoping.
Suitsupply herringbone sienna (with what looks like a spot of water on the lapel) Kent Wang unicorn pocket square Uniqlo cardigan Drakes tie Kamakura shirt
CD, square is this one.
Not great pictures, but I'd like to start contributing. Shoulders are clean, I'm just pressed up against my chair that's causing the divots. Kent Wang suit and pocket square Luxire shirt Drakes shantung tie Carmina x Epaulet Greeley balmoral boot
Just to reiterate - I really can't complain about the fit of my suit, it is excellent (as I think the above picture demonstrates, save for the trousers being perhaps .5 - .75" too short; this seems odd, as I remember I insisted on a lengthier inseam than I was first measured for). I just wanted to raise the issue that the jacket was missing two major details that I specified - 3R2 and a ticket pocket.
any recommendations for a tailor in Midtown/Murray Hill that knows how to do a false/french cuff on a pair of suit trousers?
visited the armoury yesterday evening - fantastic store. first time I've had the chance to handle a lot of brands (ring jacket, st crispin's etc.), which just aren't easily available anywhere else. I'm not looking to add anything to my wardrobe and just went to check out the place whilst I'm still in NYC. I had a good chat with Jeremy and Jeff, both awesome guys - very knowledgable about all the products and #menswear in general. If anyone is in the city, it's well worth...
KW 3-piece in AR0011 No alterations, fits straight out the box. Disappointing to see someone else having issues with their order. I can't be bothered to have it returned and remade (only in NYC for 6 more weeks) just to have it corrected to 3R2 and a ticket pocket added. No offer of partial refund/discount off next order (since bought 2 ties and 2 pocket squares), which was a shame. edit: on reflection, the trouser leg looks .5 - .75" short. how straightforward is it...
This arrived yesterday - very happy with the fit out of the box. I'll try to put up some pictures, time allowing.Two slight disappointments - I specified for the jacket to 3r2, and to have a ticket pocket, both confirmed in my order confirmation email; the jacket has neither.
one herringbone, one poplin and one twill. no oxfords.
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