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Do all of the university chinos have the logo on the back? I have some from a few years ago and like the fit but not a fan of the rugby logo on these.
any taller guys have the hooded blouson? i'm 6'2 /170 - debating the medium. based on the uk measurements it seems like the sleeves/length should be ok but i'm not sure. The large seems like it might just be too big everywhere else.
the leveling system killed oblivion for me
sent you a pm
Not just in the case of Fedor but with everyone in MMA - Is there any other sport where guys go from the greatest of all time to a "never was" bum in such a short period of time? Who are the true greats/legends of MMA? Seems for every fighter mentioned you will get 100 people telling you they were never any good. Fedor was too inactive late in career, fought too many freak fights, Randy was only 19-10, Penn quit against GSP and couldnt even beat Edgar, Liddell has no...
nice prices, wish these were smaller size
The leveling ruined the game for me. I felt like there was no point in doing anything. Awesome I finally got some glass armor! Great and so does every bandit I come across now. I guess it is just personal preference but I like the idea that there are certain sections of the world that are extremely difficult to get through at an early level (and also sections that are very easy at a high level). It makes it all the more satisfying when you become strong enough to venture...
anywhere online to buy LOVA shirts? Their shirts are some of the few that fit me right. Bought a couple from Gilt in the past but can't seem to find them anywhere else online.
interested in measurements as well
Quote: Originally Posted by CityHunter selvedge? Not too familiar with Diors. Just curious. i don't believe they are.
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