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Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong ^ The majority of the shrinkage will happen with the first soak. I highly doubt you'll lose more than another inch, no matter how many more times you soak/wash. If you want them a "couple inches" shorter, get them hemmed. Thanks. That's what I was planning to do eventually, just wanted to make sure I got all the shrinkage out first.
Here are my fit pics for the new cut 501's after wearing them raw for a week and then one warm bath tub soak. They're 31-32. I probably could have squeezed down to a 30 for a slimmer fit, as these do tend to stretch out a bit in the waist. I'm a little worried about the length, as I normally wear a 30/31 inseam, but so far they've only lost at the most maybe an inch. The day after I took these pics, my '47 selvage 501's arrived, so these have been hanging in my...
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong I'm a true 30 waist, and I bought 30. Sat in a warm bath for about ten minutes to shrink them. They were a bit tight at first, but have since stretched an inch in the waist (measure 15.5" BiG-style) and now fit perfectly. It wasn't that painful. I definitely wouldn't advise not washing them for six months, unless you plan on never washing them at all, as the shrinkage will mess up your wear patterns. So would...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fiddy Having spent a few days now in my new '47's, I have to say that I absolutely love these things. The fit is perfect... just snagged 2 more pairs on sale to keep as backups. Yeah, I'm considering getting a backup pair or two myself. You really can't beat eighty bucks. I love the fit and all the little details that identify it as a 1947 501.
Thanks, aqhong. That's kinda what I figured.
I hope they don't discontinue the LVC line. I just snagged a pair of 32x34 1947 501's from the Boulder, CO store (I think they still have some 30x34's left) I haven't soaked them yet and the waist fits just about perfect as is, maybe just a little on the snug side. Reading these posts, I've gathered that they'll either shrink up to three inches from the tagged size and stretch out one (32 down to 29, back up to 30) or shrink down a little and stretch out an inch or so...
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