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Quote: Originally Posted by VolsVolsVols Is that because your Third World country still doesn't have indoor plumbing? Here we see the emperor brag about his new clothes.
Quote: Originally Posted by VolsVolsVols Or some other hellhole such as Costa Rica. Irony.
Quote: Originally Posted by wahwho11 Well, Ande's going to be sold at self edge. FUCK. Guess I should have bought a pair at a reasonable price. Self Edge price is bound to be $470+ Kiya could market dog shit to his customers at a 500% mark up and they would buy it.
The reason there are special flower threads is because people respond to stupid fucking questions.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 wearing something i never have...a half smile. Also new, the outdoors and some use of focus. It's a brand new world!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro it amazes me how people bitch about shipping. When you shop and still and save a bunch whats the problem?? There's always somebody who just isn't happy enough. What do you think the margins is retail are? unreal. Hi mauro, you gave me the deed to your house and your firstborn child but gas to come pick them up coming from canada is pricey. help a brother out?
someone forgot to tell that girl that once she quit wearing Thursday t-shirts and legging jeans she could stop staring at her shoes to appear attactive.
Quote: Originally Posted by London Xenox, I'm not sure you understand how hard it is to design the basics well. The list of things Xenox doesn't understand is encyclopedias long. In other words, slightly shorter than his average post.
Yay, rapfaggots Vs. hipsterfaggots! It's like hypebeast with less colorful shoes.
ITT: the three members with Wutang related avatars VS the rest of the forum. EDIT: forgot the Huey Freeman avatar
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