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Anyone know of any good tailor and cobbler in Calgary? I searched the forum but I got no hits. I've been recommended a tailor shop called Umberto's by a colleague at work but wanted to see if any members had some suggestions. The only cobbler I know of is in a mall downtown. A downtown location would be preferable since I don't have a car. Thanks to everyone in advance. Cheers
Just bought whole bunch of shoe creams, conditions and wax from Franco's. I live in Calgary, Alberta and good creams and conditioners are hard to come by. With the exchange rate and shipping the cost ended up quite a bit larger than I wanted to spend but I consoled myself by saying that these will probably last me a while. Ron - thanks for your detailed post - I thought that I did a pretty decent job cleaning my shoe but after reading your post, I realized that I...
Interlockingny is awesome to deal with. I've bought two pairs of shoes from him and his service was tops. Kudos all the way.
PM sent
I can't send PMs to you - your quota is full. Please check you email re Bally shoes.
Christ - these are nice shoes - wish you had them in my size...
PM sent. Thanks PM Resent as per your PM.
Hi - got three questions: (1) do you ship to canada? if so - how much additional for shipping? (Calgary, Alberta - T2P 4V5 postal code) (2) 10.5M is equivalent to 10.5D I assume? (3) how are BM fit compare to AEs and Mezlans? Is it similar? Thanks
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