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meaurements on the ED hoodie please
Measurements on the MJK trench?
Hi - any chance you can post measurements for this jacket? Also, what's the material? Thanks
OK - thanks guys. Sorry for the unnecessary thread - I still a newb and didn't know. I was honestly trying to learn some of the protocols for buy&sell here so that I won't piss off anyone else the wrong way. I like this forum and I like buying things from the members here. As an FYI, being polite is just my nature - I don't do it on purpose to piss people off. I did go back read Kane's other posts and he does seem like a decent guy. I guess I just rubbed him...
Thanks for your opinion guys. I didn't know he worked for W+H - newbie mistake I guess. I don't want to have any bad blood over this though - but was a bit surprised at the sharp response. Oh well. Gotta be more careful I guess.
Um - so I am a pretty junior member so I am just trying to learn the rules of behaviour a little here - all of the members that I dealt with so far were awesome but this one puzzled me a little - did I mess up? I want to apologize to the member Kane if I did. Here's our conversation: Kane's last response: Yep. There is harm in asking repeatedly for a discount and/or additional perks. You've just soured the deal. Cheers m*therfucker. Quote: Originally...
lol - dude - what's wrong with you? relax.
I've had really good experience with amerikajinda. He was quick on his communication and super friendly.
This is very nice indeed! - PM sent
Thanks! Now if I can just find a decent tailor...
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