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Damn...the APCs looks nice...when you get a moment, think you can put up the BoC and sleeve (from shoulder seam) measurements? Thanks
I'm sure many will agree with me when I say that Jet is one the best sellers on this forum. Perfect stuff at perfect price. Huge Kudos bro.
Just got the Geller vest, Samurais, PDC and the WH henlee - all I can say is, I am the happiest man on earth. Jet has been by far one of the most genuine and the coolest guy I've dealt with. His "used" stuff seem newer than some of the stuff I find in stores. All I can say is, buy from this man. If you don't, I will. lol.
BiG style measurements please
What size do you usually wear? Just wondering what the actual chest size would be for the hoodie since the lining does seem quite thick. Would it accomodate a 40?
Is the cardigan 100% wool? Also, what's the shoulder measurements? Thx
measurements are always better than generic sizing IMO...
Is it possible to get measurements on the large and the medium RL cashmere cabel knits?
Measurements please
Thank god these are too small for me....if these are what you didn't keep I can only marvel at what you KEPT
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