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Nice stuff at awesome prices - wish you had bigger sizes....
I think RB15 run about an inch larger at the waist and CJs run an inch smaller at the I correct?
whats the tag size? is 34 inch the actual waist measurement?
What about using USPS Priority (has tracking)?
How much xtra to ship to Canada?
measurements please
I bought this from another forum member, Brohym few weeks ago. They arrived and unfortuantely are too small for me. I haven't worn them since I got it, just tried it on once only to realize that they are too tight on me. Price $SOLD to a fellow canuck! You can view the original thread here: Jean is in great quality - no rips, tears, fades or shrinkage of any kind. They have never been washed or soaked. I...
Sorry I am not familiar with PS measurements - are they in mm?
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