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Is this Type 1 or Type 5? Also, what are the measurements on the waist, thigh at crotch, knee and leg opening? Thanks
measurements for the pants?
Some requested pics - here it is: Back: Front: Selvage:
PM me if you are willing to sell. Only looking for NWT or NWOT.
I would be interested in thigh, knee and hem measurements on the 34 Thanks!
If you pick up anymore blacks or navy kindly let me know - I would purchase them in a heartbeat.
Quote: Originally Posted by db_ggmm Tried mine on today, wearing them now. The fit is pretty sick. Very nice. The waist band is vanity, 2" larger than tagged. If you buy the tagged size = your waist size, they will sit really, really low like in the picture, half off your ass. Thinking of pulling the trigger on these - you said that the waist is 2 inch vanity sized - would it be possible to share the measurements on the thigh knee and...
Price drop. These jeans are pretty much brand new - worn by previous owner twice and only tried on by me. These go for $230 at Self Edge.
Any fading? Have they been washed/soaked? Is it possible to get pic of the entire jean (front and back)?
Guys - I think the entire list is on the website: RG - correct me if I am wrong. Btw - I can't say enough good things about Roden Gray - I bought number of stuff from RG and they were awesome in terms of sending me measurements etc. Shipping was uber fast too - one of the items arrived next day - I mean I do live in Calgary which is right next door but still - one of the best services I've ever had.
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