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I think I used DE for about a month or two, and then jumped to straight. It took a few days for my hand to stop shaking, I think it was a couple of weeks before I started switching hands, and I cut myself every day for the first month. Sharpening it was pretty easy for me, though - I had experience with knives and carpentry tools so I had everything I needed to get a keen edge. Benefits: I haven't needed to buy a razor or replacement blades - and can't foresee that need...
Today we're counting inventory. And tomorrow, and maybe even Sunday as well.Been there, done that. Got to change the rest of the plugs in the wife's car this weekend. Only like, 9 more to go.TSA broke the headstock off our XC student's guitar. Tried to file a claim for it, and found the process so profoundly cumbersome and irritating that we just paid for the repair ourselves.
They both give excellent results when used properly. A straight features a steeper learning curve and a LOT more maintenance, though. FWIW, I've been using the straight since 2006 or so.
So, a bunch of friends have posted their lamentations that there is no Thanksgiving weekend game between Texas and the Fighting Texas Aggies, as there has been for the past 100 or so years. Also, strangely enough I don't remember hearing about the (now-unofficial) bonfire that marked said weekend, but not surprising. As it turned out I'm chucking because A&M beat Alabama And TCU beat Texas, in Austin. LOLOLOLOL.
congratulations to Mordy, and props to Stitch for going above and beyond.
Yeah, that about sums up my thoughts any time I hear "panty-dropper" in any context.Yesterday: PoloToday: Pure Havane
See, that's fake. On a real Rolex, the second hand sweeps in a continuous movement.
Dear America's Test Kitchen. I love you people, but you've been sending me these Expired Member Specials for 5 years now. Is there a point when you cease this needy, clinging behavior?
It has its drawbacks as well.Side note: co-worker compared me to Bill Nye. I see a potential wief #2.(kidding)
SHIP THEM IN YOUR BELLY! oh, wait - you said 7 or 8 bottles. nvm.
New Posts  All Forums: