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Aaaiiieee, good luck with that. 14 years and I still have no idea how my wife thinks.Good luck topcat.I'm in a somewhat similar situation but it's less a case of being punished than watching everyone else drop the ball and never face reprisals, they just reassign it to me. And we're already short-handed.
holy fuck. when I attended A&M I lived in a non-air dorm (Law Hall, which no longer exists). That's NO AIR CONDITIONING. We had shared showers and toilets (one bathroom to four rooms), our rooms did have a sink and a radiator for heat in the winter. The closets were tiny. About 18" wide, one bar, one shelf. Meal plan ran $900 a semester (but the food was crap). There were no partitions between the toilets or showers, and you learned to shower quickly because if...
A few weeks ago I picked up a pair of track spikes to kick myself in the tail a bit, have been running 200m repeats and it's been yielding results - at the very least I'm enjoying the Thursday session much more than I used to. Anyway, today I decided to run alternating 45/60 200m intervals and see how long I could sustain it. After a few hiccups I ended up hitting the pace consistently, stopping after 30 minutes because I had to hurry up and get home to start getting ready.
screencaps or GTFO.
yeah, yeah. Give in now - give in forever.Look - relationships are power struggles, pure and simple. You've got to stand up for yourself and centuries of tradition and Do The Right Thing, young man. Accept no compromise! Your future and your reputation depend on this. Go get another wing collar and wear it often! Assert your manliness or prepare to hand your genitalia to the girlfriend for safekeeping, she will embark on a life of noisy fulfillment while you stay at...
Mordy, you're just mad that Obama got re-elected and want to join the rest of the left-coasters in their protest exodus.
Just underneath. I've dropped a few pounds for marathon season but will be gaining them back once I dive back into CPA prep. I wish the shoulders were more natural, but haven't wanted to deal with it in the meantime.
Well, Barry Alvarez is kind of the exception, and a really good one.Last year, U Houston had an interesting bowl game: Coach Sumlin had been hired by A&M so I think Tony Levine stepped up to coach their bowl game, which they won...against Penn State (who was reeling from the Sandusky business and also I think under an interim coach).
Had a strong track workout, stronger than I'd anticipated.
you could truthfully say this about a lot of us.oh, holy cow. I'm glad you're looking out for her, but still, that's an awful position to be in. Most bosses wouldn't go to the trouble.
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