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Well, all the turkey has been eaten and the stock has been canned.
mee too.Today it was cold and promised to stay cold, so I went with Amber Absolute. yum.BTW: you people are making me think I should try this Portrait of a Lady.
No, oddly enough I've never tried it. I kind of like patch, too....and SMW, as well.
Oh, I never liked Rose and ended up giving it away. Labdanum, likewise. But the Oud has stayed pretty much the same.Well, that's a tough question to answer, there were times when I forgot I had it, despite seeing the bottle (cap) every day. So I guess it got elbowed out a bit - by what I don't know. It's not noticeably different from before, but I just care less about it. I used to sniff my wrist and stare into space when I wore this, but now...nope.Actually, I'm not...
Yesterday: Oud 27 Strangely I'm not as much a raving fan as I once was. Today: Goutal Ambre Fetiche. Still a winner
Well, I'm not up-to-date on the market, but what I knew was that as for new makes, among major manufacturers there's Dovo and Thiers-Issard and that's about it. As I've heard, T-I's build quality has gotten much better in the past 3-4 years - or, when they introduced the Silverwing model. There are a number of boutique / low-run makers: Bill Ellis, Mastro Livi, Tim Zowada, Heribert Wacker. Opinions vary but they're generally shades of enthusiastic. I'm sure I'm...
feh. Today I'm stuck using a $30 Lamy fountain pen with an italic nib that borders ever so slightly towards calligraphy when I'm paying attention to my form. But even then, it's like saying I'm 'stuck in Paris' or London which is really not an ordeal despite the choice of words. It uses ink rather quickly, though but that just means I might use up one of these ink bottles in the next year or two.
I thought the same thing at the end - Kiffin just looked lost or disinterested. I don't know much about him, but I'm curious how he's landed the jobs he has.
So I slept in this morning because I had a late entry to the office for inventory. Took my leisurely time until it was nearly too late, then scrambled into the shower and hurried into whatever I could find. Oddly enough my thoughts drifted to Yatagan, and I couldn't find it - so I spun through a drawer's worth of scents but none would suffice. Finally dug up the Yatagan, applied liberally, and dashed off to work.
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