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yeah, this.
good luck with the fam, Douglas. I'm dreading the convo in which I ask my parents how they plan on providing for my brother after their passing, cause he ain't welcome here. G: microwaved fish is next level and redefines Lenten suffering.
wasn't that one of Joe Stalin's nicknames for a while?
not since 1986 (or so)
I smell a dumb threak
JLib's memoirs.
After too much beer and smoke last night, I decided it's time to put a race on the calendar, and the Mrs. agreed. Had a good 5-miler this morning, on track for a late March half-marathon and maybe a January 2015 full. And the Mrs. starts bar prep (again), wish us luck.
+1, +1, and +1.
how is it that Bernstein, Kleiber, Szell, Gergiev, et al get so much attention but Dorati is all but ignored?
I count six letters in 'Panera'(
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