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I've had some really random friendings where I wonder...who, what? sometimes I accept them just to see if my memory comes back.
anywhere you like, sweet thang.
caltex visits me. sometimes we have lunch.
same here. I even have a backup bottle that's untouched
well, how individual and unique is anyone? we're all part of some large group.
yesterday was Pour Monsieur, my daughter expressed her approval, which was a nice moment. today: Yatagan, which I never wear.
there's an angle you're not disclosing here. but I do find it charming when you pretend to be one of the hoi polloi.
wooo how do peopke drink those belgian bombers? floating on a cloud of booze.
shoes are all shined, shirts are ironed, beer has been drunk and cigar is being smoked. and finally after years of exile I finally hooked up my decent speakers from undergrad to some spare equipment in a spare room, and they sound nice. finally.
New Posts  All Forums: