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There's some eye candy in my building. Benefits of a window office.
Why should character be consistent? I think I like being inconsistent.
No, and that was a deliberate choice. My last staff accountant was hittable (if you go for the well-maintained 50+ crowd) but she wasn't up to do the work we needed done. Eye candy was hired earlier in the week for Operations, though.
I hired a staff accountant today. My first hire at the new gig (well, I've been there like 9 months now) but I found this one, quarterbacked it, sounded out her skills and motivations for moving, and landed her at my budget. Also: I received confirmation that my CPA license is on track, I got verbal confirmation for my engagement letter. Thank heavens. And finally, ..oh crap I forgot. Still happy though. No wait. I have a client meeting Sunday. New moonlighting gig.
I've had some really random friendings where I wonder...who, what? sometimes I accept them just to see if my memory comes back.
anywhere you like, sweet thang.
caltex visits me. sometimes we have lunch.
same here. I even have a backup bottle that's untouched
well, how individual and unique is anyone? we're all part of some large group.
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