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Shaggy's real name is Norville and he had a fling with daphne, but couldn't leave Scooby
Matthew Lillard is the current voice of Shaggy, Kasem voices his father.
I survived tax season, part 1: the information returns. Holy fuck the cleanup was not fun at all, but hopefully this is a one-time thing and it gets easier next year.
dawg, if I'd known you were up I would have texted you. I'd already downed my first cup of coffee by then.though it was a tad early for me.
Mrs. Thomas has snake-proof wellies for yard work.
oh yeah. Bought an ipod classic, secondhand. Turned out to have a failing hard drive, and now I'm starting to see that the drives tend to fail after a couple of years. So, buy a replacement drive and try to replace, or go with option C?
And of course she wants you to call all the contractors. I hated that part."The contractor is right here but I need you to tell him that I want the TV moved up an inch."Yeah. Good times.
I burned through two touchscreen nanos and have ordered an ipod classic myself.
no but Mrs. Thomas does
way too small. beautiful, but it wouldn't hokd a month's worth of smokes for us
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