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Eugene Ormandyhas been dead a while now, tooso who gets his cash?
Mr. Blass to ring in the new year. So, Chandler Burr posted to say the catalog to his curated exhibition is for sale at luckyscent.com, and I have to admit that it's better than what was previously discussed (one Guerlain), but neglects Chanel in favor of such masterpieces as Light Blue, Pleasures, and Drakkar Noir. baby steps, I suppose.
oh goddamn it all former son is on facebook trying to friend me.
when a composer has been dead for, like, ever who gets royalties?
trying to torrent the Tchaikovsky Symphonies but no one's seeding.
excellent news, Piob.
double standards, grillfrond. sugar and spice / snips and snails
man, it's cold outside I need to start running more 'cause I'm getting fat
best friend brought his wife and daughter for the weekend. sad to see it end.
New Posts  All Forums: