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ah thanks for reminding me. I was meaning to unfriend you for your controversial remarks on mac-n-cheese.
dear paleo diet peoples: if you're using fire, knives, or plates, you're pretending.
I mean if you really want to go Old School, women were an afterthought. god created Adam first. think about that the next time you have sex (assuming a lot I know). men came first. don't let the gender down, you pansies.
goddammit you lazy bitches. this forum is centered around the classic way of life. hand-basted full-canvas jackets. strollers and lounge suits. handwork. killing your dinner with rocks and setting your rivals villages on fire. posting fit daguerrotypes. you new fuckers have ruined everything with your automobiles and New Country Music and feelings and indoor fucking plumbing.
my daughter tells us when her tummy needs apples. it's charming, but she's three.
Shaggy's real name is Norville and he had a fling with daphne, but couldn't leave Scooby
Matthew Lillard is the current voice of Shaggy, Kasem voices his father.
I survived tax season, part 1: the information returns. Holy fuck the cleanup was not fun at all, but hopefully this is a one-time thing and it gets easier next year.
dawg, if I'd known you were up I would have texted you. I'd already downed my first cup of coffee by then.though it was a tad early for me.
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