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I could be in the minority here, but I've taken small steps back in pay to get broader exposure, better opportunities, and more work-life balance.
Hi HORNS! Thanks L'inc! Today, Guerlain Vetiver, 70's version, for an overcast and humid day.
Ha, I wore L'homme Sage last week. Lately I've been avoiding the new stuff, wearing the older, neglected bottles: Signoricci, Yatagan, Sequoia, Pampelune, AdP, others. Though I did pick up a bottle of DvT's Erotique recently and found it to be a surprisingly good sandlewood.
I had quite a few flavors of Marvis from my last trip across the pond, but other than that no hoarding tendencies. The thing about razors and soaps is that you go through an experimenting phase and then most people eventually settle on a few favorites. Razors in particular can be prone to variation: steel content, grind, heft, age, point style - so you might go through a dozen before finding one that's just right in terms of performance and aesthetics. No different...
PICS OR...well, I'll take your word for it. Glad to hear the news.Well done, gf.
I thought I had mod powers in H&B, but it appears that I'm mistaken. Bummer.
That moment when you laugh and your wife asks...what's so funny?Quick, what do I tell her??? I certainly can't tell her the truth
Well it would allow me to display my more feminine side (floral halter dresses and opera gloves), and I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to be honest with the world, finally. Who's with me?!
Good luck Big pun
yeah, um. congratulations, dawg.
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