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Today: Chanel Pour Monsieur
Probably for the best. Not dissimilar to Hollywood Ending (which I also liked), it was a symphony of awkwardness not unlike Isaiah Thomas's time coaching the New York Knicks. Why these experiences resonate with me is probably a matter best taken up with a licensed therapist, but I digress.
Funny, I really liked Burn Hollywood Burn.
Today: a moderate dose of Mugler's Pure Havane.
Based on my experience with HTC, I'd say this: There would be huge overlap in a Venn diagram charting 1) Repeat HTC Customers and 2) Retards.
perhaps you still have residual caffeine in your system from the prior day.
Nope, but I am wearing Mr. Blass today.
Bizarre to ordinary people like you perhaps. It makes perfect sense for Rambo.
He had to clear out a member who requested his history be erased, and Rambo being Rambo, decided to torch the halls of antiquity and keep just the current activity. Nothing personal, it's just personal. :shrug:(of course, this post might get me tossed from his board, and I love the guy, but at this point I could get tossed from any board and not feel much sense of loss)
yes, but not quite voluntarily. He's sorting out an issue at the moment, hopefully he returns once things settle.
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