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Based on my experience with HTC, I'd say this: There would be huge overlap in a Venn diagram charting 1) Repeat HTC Customers and 2) Retards.
perhaps you still have residual caffeine in your system from the prior day.
Nope, but I am wearing Mr. Blass today.
Bizarre to ordinary people like you perhaps. It makes perfect sense for Rambo.
He had to clear out a member who requested his history be erased, and Rambo being Rambo, decided to torch the halls of antiquity and keep just the current activity. Nothing personal, it's just personal. :shrug:(of course, this post might get me tossed from his board, and I love the guy, but at this point I could get tossed from any board and not feel much sense of loss)
yes, but not quite voluntarily. He's sorting out an issue at the moment, hopefully he returns once things settle.
you should hear what we say about that L'inkadessen guy
Ouch. That's tough, sorry you had to deal with that.Actually he sounds a little like a third uncle somewhere who's trying to un-do the divorce to my now-deceased aunt, because she got the share of the family ranch. Last I heard (and I don't ask, trust me I hate hearing this) his sons are suing his daughter (who is the sole heir of the aunt's estate) to get their purported shares of the inheritance, for what that's worth.
Don't invite them. I cancelled Christmas one year to get my folks to settle the fuck down. We still visited on Christmas Eve, but there were no gifts exchanged. We ate, chatted, cooked churros, everyone was pleased. Why we've returned to gift exchange in the years since is a complete mystery. Oh wait, my folks asked to do that. *le sigh*
Have you tried Mugler Pure Havane? I found that to be similar.
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