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Yo, squash that boat talk. Owning a boat is at the top of my very short list of deep regrets.
Anyway, how is it that Rolling Stone can publish a top 100 country songs list.
Even accountants and gov'ment functionaries shoild cut loose once in a while
You know what else is practical? Clip-on ties Vinyl floors Wearing your napkin tied around your neck (like Curly Howard)
Actually, I'm confused. You say these prints are Italian and vintage, while Patrizio says it is English 'hadamley', and ordered much more recently. See below:
Well, why not? Today, some old Chanel Antaeus.
wait, you're British and you don't drink?
yeah, but you'd never be sure that you're dancing to real vintage italo-disco music or some recent reproduction.
Today: Chanel Pour Monsieur
Probably for the best. Not dissimilar to Hollywood Ending (which I also liked), it was a symphony of awkwardness not unlike Isaiah Thomas's time coaching the New York Knicks. Why these experiences resonate with me is probably a matter best taken up with a licensed therapist, but I digress.
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