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This is the first poast ever that I completely understood.
Hardi board and trim. The upside is that I learned my lesson from the garage siding last year, so after a couple of hours I was able to tell them how the trim should be done (flush, not overlaid) without making them re-do too much. They also replaced the soffit vents and fascia boards, which I would have been unable to handle.
so someone finally has new siding. i swear, i will not ever again go with a sided house and i will fight like hell to go back to a one-story when we move again.
i am single-handedly making up for it.
hey fucker don't be talking shit about me or i'll wheel my trike to your house and talk shit back when you're not around to hear me.
okay, so I found a few things that are upsetting me. 1. I'm getting fat. Not Douglas fat but a few trousers are starting to bind. 2. I'm reading a book called Addiction by Design and it's eye-opening how predatory and meticulous Vegas and the gaming industry are. Also considering the implications of a Vegas that is moving from social / group gaming (poker, et al) to banks of slot machines designed to bankrupt the helplessly hooked. (yeah yeah Thomas The World is a...
Yeah, well - all silliness aside - my attitude about them is shifting and subject to further revisions as I reconsider just how much exposure I want to the world-at-large.
you are not what you own, and what you own ends up owning you. Of course I had these cleap Fight Club epiphanies while floating in my pool this evening, so the irony verges on self-immolation.LOL nope I can still hate on you and your gated HOA.but I digress, why am I posting in this thread again? I really have nothing major to be angry about.
we were talking about this yesterday: 20 years ago our district was lily-white, now it's >50% free lunches and there's a flight towards the parochial schools. an even bigger blunder we made was moving into an older community with uncontrolled access. normally i hate gated communities but in the past month i've installed gates and cameras (and siding but no one cares about that). next house i buy will certainly be harder to get to.
i had a decant of that, put it in the swap box, miss it now.
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