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well then i guess i shouldn't tell you bolitches what i really think of y'all
no matter how they're branded or flavored, Velveeta-brand cheese slices still taste like fucking velveeta. gaaaaaaah!
In the past week I've been summoned a couple of times by both of the company's principles, asking my opinion on a ticklish situation. They've both started with "you're pretty clear-headed and objective, what do you think about (insert subject here)". I have to say it feels nice to hear that. Oh, and one of those situations may resolve today with my input and assistance. It would mean a huge leap forward in terms of efficiency and harmony.
. agree on both points.
fantastic house TJ
*sigh* if you were in TX i'd suggest you file back- returns as a business and then file a final return to close the 'business'. since you're in DC the best thing i could recommend is to seek out G. Gordon Liddy.
safe travels mang, and if you happen to be around Houston hit that Thomas guy up.(no, that's not pissing me off, though. carry on)wait, wait, I have something that upset me. I was baking cookies for a work gathering/party (yeah we're odd about that but it fits nicely into my own idiosyncrasies) and I beat the butter/sugar too long so it went from fluffy to mushy and then the cookies flattened out too much on the baking sheets so they didn't rise like I would have liked. ...
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