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I never figured you for dog-sledding, but whatever floats your boat, mang.
4 a.m., bitches.(I first woke up at 3 and decided that was too early for a Friday)
congratulations, B - i recall you were growing your territory and hitting your stride so this new gig should be a great thing. as for me, i passed the Auditing and Attest exam, which means one more to go: Reg (law and tax). currently enjoying a smoke (RyJ) and a beer and planning our vacay next month.
late evening of swimming with the little miss, moonlight on the water and stars up above. Although swimming at this point is her jumping to me and thrashing about wildly, but we all start somewhere, right?
he might of been a forvm-bro
man i loved that one. may buy it someday.Ha! i remember Rach liking that one. i think i sent him my bottle.nope. chandler burr loved it and i still have no idea why.
Cool. I'm sure CalTex is in.2/10. Good thing mom jokes aren't your metier.
good luck Mouse. Are you visiting Houston again anytime soon?
speaking of, it's high time i had words with that Thomas guy about his recent poasting.
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