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Man, that was some good reading.FWIW, I don't think you're a fat fuck. But I'm getting there, slowly.
kind of like the Dynasty season-ender, the fairytale wedding in Moldovia.i tell you, there ain't nothing new on the teevee any more.
Condolences, Jay. So sorry for your loss.
if $120 is the worst waste/loss you experience as a homeowner, then you will have been profoundly lucky in that regard.
Funny this comes up. I bought Antaeus as a blind buy and it immediately won me over. Subsequent blind buys have not been as successful.
wife's truck got stolen out of the driveway yesterday. So, so aggravating. Seriously reconsidering staying in this neighborhood - I had to put in a locking mailbox due to some missing mail, and now this. Goddammit. And, this was the kind of place where you could settle down for a few decades. Modest, interesting houses, decent land, easy access to freeway, et al. I used to hate the idea of gated communities and/or living out in the sticks, but I'm starting to come...
Thank you. I have to tread carefully these days.
Understand my avatar, understand me.(the usual. CPA exams, work, fambly. Wife's going to sit the bar again.)
Um, sure.mee too.No need to play coy, Sugar-daddyOnly the mangliest of meng can admit to knowing that.
Lamy makes a great pen.My most recent acquisitions are the Hero 329 chinese pens, Rotring Edge, and Pilot 78G (all cheapies). Now I'm coming to terms with the stupidity of having a whole bunch of blue inks, but no other color. I have since ordered red and green.
New Posts  All Forums: