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he might of been a forvm-bro
man i loved that one. may buy it someday.Ha! i remember Rach liking that one. i think i sent him my bottle.nope. chandler burr loved it and i still have no idea why.
Cool. I'm sure CalTex is in.2/10. Good thing mom jokes aren't your metier.
good luck Mouse. Are you visiting Houston again anytime soon?
speaking of, it's high time i had words with that Thomas guy about his recent poasting.
well then i guess i shouldn't tell you bolitches what i really think of y'all
no matter how they're branded or flavored, Velveeta-brand cheese slices still taste like fucking velveeta. gaaaaaaah!
In the past week I've been summoned a couple of times by both of the company's principles, asking my opinion on a ticklish situation. They've both started with "you're pretty clear-headed and objective, what do you think about (insert subject here)". I have to say it feels nice to hear that. Oh, and one of those situations may resolve today with my input and assistance. It would mean a huge leap forward in terms of efficiency and harmony.
. agree on both points.
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