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...or math
I prefer the term 'decrepit'
keep it up and SF will stand for SausageFest
not knowing 26 USC 6404 (g) 2 (A). well, I wouldn't expect you to know that so you're excused.
who got a 98% abatement of a tax penalty today? this guy.
I hate to be a whiny bitch but we have this shitbag payment processor who has decided to do away with things like monthly summary statements, or even little things like recording a fucking transaction in the fucking month it fucking happened. what is so fucking hard about keeping all the July transactions together? I don't want to keep a separate ledger of reconciling issues just because you folks don't believe in fucking calendars. also, Douglas: been there done that.
They say that time heals all wounds, but really it's passing scores (CPA license) and better marketability that does the trick. It's just mere coincidence that these things take time.
today, post-exam: scotch and cigars with the Mrs.
kind of like Cop Rock?
That depends on whether I pass tomorrow's REG exam. If I pass that, then the sequestration ends.(Thanks, though!)
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