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the good news: the humidor is done and seasoning up. The bad news: the way Mrs. Thomas wants the cigars stored (in open boxes) means that, once again, they don't all fit in one enclosure.
The humidor conversion / lining is being glued in. Just a bit of caulk to close the gaps, put in some shelves and the humidifier, season it a bit, and we're back to having all our cigars in one place again.
monthly interest is the annual interest rate/12. calculate the interest on the outstanding balance, subtract the interest from the payment and you have amt paid to principal.
I think I'll light one up tonight in honor of this poast.
yo, is Thomas on the list this year?
good luck MrG!
^ the RJ Cat lives
fuck yes it's Monday!
shit, douglas's computer caught the Pluperfect virus.also, L'inc is one of the best posters on the entire interwebz.
yeah, we had a strange education one day on why Some People take special exception to 'redneck' and how it related to slavery. it highlighted how flexible language can be at times, and also reminded me of the continuous proscriptive/decriptive debate that comes up when reading dictionaries for fun. (tks DFW)
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