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is it safe to google?
Man, sorry to hear you had to go through that. I was just thinking that I flirted with a life of crime in my youth as well around the same age, but for me it was paperback mystery novels (Agatha Christie, et al). But yeah, loss of trust and reputation (and 'face' I guess) is a big lesson I learned from my folks and stuck with me, and it sounds like yours is headed in the right direction.BTW: re: Circus Arts - I briefly considered attending the Clown College instead of...
Oud 27, one of remarkably few scents for which the sample -> purchase progression was actually linear. I tried it, loved it, bought it. (most of the time it doesn't go quite that way. Sometimes years go by between steps one and two, or two and three, or I might skip the first or second step - or both)
I walked by a tester bottle of POAL last Christmas and can still smell it on my trousers, after a few dry-cleans
I had a big crush on Kay Hanley and Liz. And, for a short time, the co-leads of Veruca Salt.
omg Bob Mould. Quote:Originally Posted by MrG I love bacon but not The Wire. SF has not influenced my opinion of either item.Also, Jimmy Buffett continues to rule and pancakes have not stopped sucking.grrr pancakes do not suck. you take that back!yeah, i'm fond of pre-Yardbirds Clapton myself.
so does that make you dangerously complicit or complicitly dangerous?
good luck Hunts.
not true. why likes early Fleetwood Mac. how early i didn't ask, but the point still stands.Lawyerdad, i had a long time where i did not eat bacon, and in fact i am even now experiencing a bacon drought, during which i am re-examining my attachment to it. i feel a greater fondness towards smoked pork butt than to Supermarket Bacon, which i guess means it wasn't all that to me in the first place.
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