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NICE. Good luck Mouse!My license packet arrived today. Signatures to collect, a few more courses to take, one more exam (Ethics).The Ethics course is 4-hours, the Ethics exam is open-book. Okay, this could be pretty quick. HOLY COW.
no, because no.but we do seem to have come full circle here.
a perfumista friend died earlier this week, she was huge on the vintage and rare, and wasn't afraid to wear it liberally. so I'm plowing through the Big and/or Unworn this week. today: HL Cuiron.
stay strong, brother! Remember that our entanglements with each other will come and go, but a good kitchen sink will last generations.
my God it's true: we ARE all being watched.yes, I passed them all, first time. now I wait for a packet with paperwork to be signed.
"the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy congratulates you on successfully completing the Uniform CPA Examination".
the good news: the humidor is done and seasoning up. The bad news: the way Mrs. Thomas wants the cigars stored (in open boxes) means that, once again, they don't all fit in one enclosure.
The humidor conversion / lining is being glued in. Just a bit of caulk to close the gaps, put in some shelves and the humidifier, season it a bit, and we're back to having all our cigars in one place again.
monthly interest is the annual interest rate/12. calculate the interest on the outstanding balance, subtract the interest from the payment and you have amt paid to principal.
I think I'll light one up tonight in honor of this poast.
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