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see, people like to give me crap about being old and pre-internet, pre-smart-phone and all that, but the upside of it all is that when I used to blow twinks for beer money, there wasn't someone with a phone and 4G to take my picture and upload it for the world to see. kids these days...
yes well, if she can't handle you at your best then she doesn't deserve you at your worst
nice going. ironically, once I finished kitting out our second humidor, I lost the urge to smoke.congratulations! daughters are awesome.
^most wonderful time of the year, my ass.
I was just thinking, hey I haven't heard that shitty Wings Christmas song yet. it's going to be a good Christmas after all!!! (well if I can figure out what to buy for the Mrs.)
wait, Ed poasts to FB???
NICE. Good luck Mouse!My license packet arrived today. Signatures to collect, a few more courses to take, one more exam (Ethics).The Ethics course is 4-hours, the Ethics exam is open-book. Okay, this could be pretty quick. HOLY COW.
no, because no.but we do seem to have come full circle here.
a perfumista friend died earlier this week, she was huge on the vintage and rare, and wasn't afraid to wear it liberally. so I'm plowing through the Big and/or Unworn this week. today: HL Cuiron.
stay strong, brother! Remember that our entanglements with each other will come and go, but a good kitchen sink will last generations.
New Posts  All Forums: