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double standards, grillfrond. sugar and spice / snips and snails
man, it's cold outside I need to start running more 'cause I'm getting fat
best friend brought his wife and daughter for the weekend. sad to see it end.
stiff winter wind blows other poasters write haiku fucking pretenders
sup B
hah, once I had a toddler, solid whites becames a Very Bad Idea.
there will always be another sale.
lol I don't think I've broken in the OCBD shirts (slim fit) from last year's sale. sadly now they're also a bit tight in the belly area, for now.
Baron, yes and tell him that I too expected better from it. even his oddball mystery scent series featured more compelling and offbeat scents (sel de vetiver, for instance). no, he wouldn't remember me. CD, I can't recall getting lemon from Pour Monsieur. mostly resinous orange
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