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So, what's your take on the quality of the show you're holding?
20,714.1 + 74 (rest of june) + 108 (july) = 20,896.1 Incidentally I'm starting the Hansons marathon program. Any feedback or things I should be aware of?
I think I used to do up a brief summary when I posted more, at least the first time I would wear something. Anyway I received a package with a split of Lutens Arabie. To be honest I'd been kinda warned against this one, as well as heard raves from others so when the split came up at a good rate, I bit. Along with Chergui, but I know that one already. So, Arabie isn't quite what I'd hoped so far. It's wearing as spicy fruit, incense, and the dry powdery bubble gum...
I read that and thought:overdoing the supplements will make you sick, in some cases/conditions.
well there is a point where it gets obnoxious (running and cross-fit both), I certainly agree. For said cousin, though - she's not really progressing in fitness [/diplomatically put]I might consider a sticker if I ran an ultra. Maybe.
ah, but runners know we all started somewhere and respect the effort. Well, most runners. The guys on letsrun tend to be a bit rough.That said, I have a cousin-in-law who posts her crossfit WODs interspersed with pictures of her at various bars doing the 12 oz curls. Part of me thinks she doing it right.
This has been happening to me as well lately. Bizarre.Oh and re: drinking, two drinks in an evening is a crazy night for me these days. Most evenings: lemonade
good for you dawg.That said, I'm adapting to my new workplace and schedule, having a smoke and a g&t on the patio at home.
I installed a stand up desk in my last office, loved it. It was a nice alternative to sitting.
sales tax will at least be deductible on her return. But she should bump her withholding to cover the added liability she'll have. Still, that's a good win.
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