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A wise concession on your part.
Ha, you turned me on to L'Instant, I bought two bottles, hardly wear it.Today is a new one for me: Bois 1920 vento nel vento. It's an incensy amber, a few steps back from Amber Absolute, not nearly as rich but still good
He was trying to make 'fetch' happen
Knowledge a mile wide and an inch deep. I know a little about that.
I know someone who knows he's being mocked with a fake Twitter feed. It's pretty funny but he's wound up about it (as he also gets with subway riders clipping their nails, le sigh about it all) The fake twitter account is even mocking his cats, which seems to have cut a little too deep for him.
Holy fuck I am so happy elections are over. My life can return to some semblance of normalcy. Whatever that means. And yahoo, the Mrs. gets another term of Public Servitude. \o/
Speaking of rich, potent, old fashioned masculines, I'm wearing Chanel Antaeus (old stock). Lots of it.
It looks pretty apparent in the picture where the two large broguing holes are merging. Also it seems as if the two 'spacer' holes between the larger brogue holes were placed next to each other, and that the line of the broguing below the laces are not straight.
So, what's your take on the quality of the show you're holding?
20,714.1 + 74 (rest of june) + 108 (july) = 20,896.1 Incidentally I'm starting the Hansons marathon program. Any feedback or things I should be aware of?
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