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Was gonna say, sure looks like the one my grandfather passed on to my father and to me. He served in the Navy from 45 to 47, IIRC. I had the government ship me his service records several years back, but I think my father must have them. Anyway: [[SPOILER]]
Really like the color of that trench.
Threadbearer: It seems like the lower edge of the shoulder straps was left too long, so it bunches up there, while the upper edge is shorter and lies flat along your back. That, or the angle at which they leave the yoke. Or some combination thereof. Maybe if you tightened them the bulge would disappear.
From having that unfortunately large chunk of trouser between the hem of my raincoat (or even up into the opening of its quarters) and the tops of my boots exposed to rain. Especially brutal on a bicycle.
I'm with patrickBOOTH on this one... plus the longer coat looks more elegant and concurrent with Crusty's style, IMO. What I really hate is raincoats that don't go past the knee. Obviously, not actually meant to be worn in the rain. Very conducive to wet legs (especially on a bicycle) and water running down into your rain boots. Ask me how I know.
Looks good, but I like your longer overcoats even better.
Ejemplo perfecto de su dialecto especial, jaja!
Ah, los chilenos, con su vocabulario singular... más particularmente los santiagueños, ¿no?
Seemed to have turned out great, IMO. Very nice, as always. Jacket sleeves seem too long, but you probably already knew that. Or are you following the "odd jacket may have longer sleeves" school of thought?
Like! Shirt fits (perhaps a bit tight), break on the pants is nice, and braces are always okay in my book.
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