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Your experience with Prada sneakers has nothing to do with Prada financing the operation of Church's Shoes. I would venture to guess that Prada did not physically make the dainite soles of the Church's Ryder Boots, however, there is/was an apparent failure in Quality Control somewhere during the making of these soles. Whoever Prada contracted or assigned to oversee the assembly of this particular dainite sole at the Church's Shoe factory or for them did not seem to do a...
How long have you had the boot? The other poster had his for 18 months; I had mine for a month before it started separating which is unacceptable. It seems that all our boots were showing the same signs of separation on the left foot. Personally, I would return it and have them correct the issue. I really like the style of these boots and the last fits me well. However, any shoe manufacturer, especially like Church's Shoes, should correct any defects with their...
I just spoke to the Church's Shoes store in Manhattan where I bought it and they're arranging for UPS to pick it up on Monday (7/7). Hopefully, they'll send me a replacement soon and this defect in the sole construction has been corrected. Thanks everyone.
I just took pics of mine as well showing the separation-it appears to be in the same area:  
I have a pair of Ryder III's that I just bought in the Church's NYC store on Madison over a month ago and noticed the same thing on the left shoe these past two weeks. I thought I had rubbed on something and did not worry about it until now. Anyone have any thoughts? Should I send this back to the NYC store?
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I have several pairs of Aldens-mostly in Plaza lasted shoes and chukkas and I also have Barrie lasted chukka and shell cordovan PTB; Trubulance lasted Indy Boot and shell cordovan Hampton lasted cap toed blucher. I find that the Plaza lasted shoes, especially the bluchers, fit me the best. However, none of the chukkas or boots really fit me well since I need a little more toe room since I have a D+ width forefoot but I have narrower heels/ankles and instep. My feet also...
[quote=timpoblete;4278197][center]Via Silver & Gold That's an awesome collection. Could please provide some detailed descriptions of the above? Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 thats a good question. i think it really depends on how you will be wearing them. if you live in an area that is very dry and you wont be trucking thru rain or snow the single vamp will do. they will be a little lighter and easier to wear. if, on the other hand, you live wear i do where it rains/snows 7 months out of the year the double or tripe vamp is the only way to go ... simply because they will be...
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