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Updated quantities available on the socks since I sold some. Also, price drop on the cufflink. I'm willing to entertain offers as well. Send me PM's folks.
Those Barker Black's look hot. If only they were in my size.
New Thread for a quick sale! I am willing to entertain reasonable offers on the cufflinks. And if you buy ALL the socks at once I'll try to get you a better deal. I have some BRAND NEW with tags Robert Talbott Socks (Made in Italy) for sale. Retail on these are $32+ each. I'm selling them for: 1 Pair: $14.00 shipped in CONUS 2 Pairs: $27 shipped in CONUS ($13.50 Each) 4 Pairs: $52 shipped in CONUS ($13.00 Each) All Prices already included shipping...
$75 for the last remaining link on sale. Group 1B.
Those look nice. If only they were a little bit bigger, I'd get them. Good deal!
Dang! I missed out on the skulls... Hrm, the bars look nice. Tempting...
All orders are shipped out and arrived to their buyers. Last of the lot, I'm running a sale: buy 4 pairs at $11/ea or 8 pairs at $10/ea. Save money vs the old pricing structure.
My remaining batch of RT socks. Price drop on the tiered structure. Buy 12 pairs or more, get it for $10 a pair!
Price drop and quantity change in the price structure.
Stock updated.
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