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top 3 airwalks: 540's sorry's one's
hunting camo.
Tretorn sneakers have been hip for the past 2 or 3 years; and everybody is going to see a lot more of them now that they're being distributed by puma. That said, the quality is pretty decent and their shapes are fine. I really like some of the styles too-especially the hockey boots. I am though, disappointed to hear that factory people is only carrying them just now; but that's Texas I guess...
all the repro's have wider soles b/c they're considered streetwear now. You'd be better off witha pair of shaq's from payless. I'd still vote for the 5's...the grapes to be specific.
what do we talk about what do we talk about???? M3 killer? falliability of trying to kill the birth of a market?? midwest & body as constant american reference points? how red, or dark metallic blood red isn't that much beter? what DO we talk about????
Quote: Originally Posted by lance konami John Varvatos navy shirt AA brown v-neck Nudie Straight Sven Chippewa lace up boots this is photoshop'd right?
Quote: Originally Posted by Goblin The only thing you can really do in a situation like this is slowly thrust your pelvis towards and away from her face in slow motion, real casual-like, with your aarms in a gunfighter stance. yeah, that's true...or you could have moved your bag in front of your crotch. shouldn't this be a story of salvation and not horror. what if you were wearing linen pants, your thing would've been walking around on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bouji Thanks to all for the condolences. Last night I drank 3 glasses of wine This evening, it is midnight, and I am on my second glass, I intend to sleep within two hours, So possibly this will be my last glass. I've put on a little visible weight on my cheeks, but I am only 1kg heavier than I was 6 months ago, when I used to drink maybe half a bottle of spirits on a Friday and Saturday night, and not drink in the...
air max 90's...ONLY 90's. Vandals are cool, old 180's, air jordan 1's. But I would be looking for some vision streetwear sneakers if I was looking for vintage styling-just don't skate in them, they'll fall apart.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I do not think those are large. My pair of glasses are almost as large as this: is that PJ?
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