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Quite a simple and modern watch, but I like it a lot Already has a scratch, after only one month... sigh. I will try to be more careful.
Quote: Originally Posted by Paulo100 Ask and you shall receive This is the look I am aiming for from Richard James. That is a wonderful clean-cut look. Good luck with your commission! Do post more info when you receive it.
why do you say that?
Thank you all. I might jump for the black one.
I'm enamored with both, but I can't seem to choose one or the other. What do you think? Click for larger size.
Quote: Originally Posted by deranged hey. i think you're using the wax wrong. in your photo, it looks more like gel on your head, it's supposed to be matte, not shiney. make sure you wash + condition and dry your hair. BLOW DRY THAT SHIT until there is no more moisture. put wax on your fingertips and pinch the hair on the top of your head into little spikes. then rough it up a bit to look more natural. then wax the hair on the side of your head...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bravo Did you bring a reference picture? Or pick a similar hair style from a hair style magazine in the salon?(usually they have a few to let customer to choose from) A high end hair cut is very similar to a besopke. You need to let the stylist know what length you like and how thin you want your hair feel/looks. I ALWAYS , even after 3 years , need to remind my Japanese hair stylist to cut my side buns shorter. Its...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bravo For Asian , it's best to visit Japanese hair salons. They invented all the great looking Asian hair styles. Remember to find salons that are less commercialized. You will have much better personal experience at those stores. Yeah, that's what I presumed too. I went to Arty's, a Japanese place in San Francisco's Japantown.
Quote: Originally Posted by ZhiMingBuFanDe Being honest, I don't think your hair type suits the haircut you want, and it would be better to look for another hairstyle. Thanks man. What would you recommend?
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley the problem is partly due to your expectations. looks better now than it did before. Could be true. Though, even forgetting about the desired outcome, I still think it sucks.
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