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Typical pants wise EU46 is US30, it's only suit that's US 36
I can see solid purple sports coat work as long as it's not too shiny (then might as well be a dinner jacket)
not the full VAT though, at least wasn't the case for UK back in 2011, 20% VAT refund end up like 13~15% refund (some fee are fixed then some other random fee)? If you have it ship to the US then it's full VAT refund, though you have to pay shipping (never bought from Skoab so I don't know if they charge shipping)? and potentially custom in the US
well, the entire SOHO use to be more unique, now it's just pretty much anything you can buy anywhere (though this is more less true anywhere in any large city over the world these days).
awesome stuff
Thanks for the measurements, can anyone comment on the fit?
Some nice Eidos stuff as well
you bought alden/eg/cj and Mephisto...? guess the mephisto must be pretty comfortable, I can never stand any of Mephisto's designs...
good stuff
awesome stuff
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