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sweet stuff
some good stuff
Drake's chocolate brown silk/linen, very slight slubby texture. $60 this looks cool
cool texture
1. Burgundy tie with blue flowers and white squares. The tie has a grenadine like texture and has a beautiful hand feel. great stuff
some good stuff here
some good stuff here
I don't think Eidos run small, at least compare to what the current trend is out there. For reference I wear 36 US in pretty much everything (BB Milano, PRL, RLPL, Paul Stuart PC, Richard James, Kilgour, etc.), and Eidos in 46 EU (Suits/Sport coat) is just about right, no slimmer than anything else. I can tell you my Paul Stuart SC has more waist suppression (different aesthetic, but just a note for reference). p.s. for those who can still make out to Bloomingdales,...
good price as well
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