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Kind the opposite for me, Eidos (at least Tipo) doesn't really work for me, RLBL fits me better all around (and Paul Stuart PC). Guess just down to body type and preference
7 I was expecting like 3 haha, good to know guess I'll give it a try some time
by the way what's the leg opening?
best Px for Rota
great stuff
I haven't tried this particular one, but the chukka I tried on isdefinitely on the narrow side in the toebox for me, surprisingly you say it's the other way around
Any idea how many fit does Oxxford has? I tried a few years back (like 5+) and didn't like how it fit then (it fits right, but really blend), probably should try out again, but just want to know some info before I walk in.
Eidos/Isaia is like the opposite spectrum of RLBL in terms of fit (shoulder), do you prefer RLBL for suit and Eidos/Isaia for sports coat?Just asking out of curiousity
good stuff
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