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Probably isn't a market for $800 made in Laos, or made in Taiwan for that matter. Consumer assume they're getting ripped off if it's over $300~400? On any shoes made in Asia outside Japan
any tailoring stuff (not RRL)?
Well you can't do bespoke online can't you 😃
You still can, from Barneys warehouses from time to time though the selection is really bad
Too much Patek $ for my blood, can we talk about something more down to earth like Rolex and Omega😃... I'm deciding between submariner no date vs the new Omega 300 titanium (in blue). Read a trillion thing on grade 5 titanium vs 904 steel, still can't decide. Anyone own either /both can share some insights?
if the guy is into tailoring stuff, might be better skip Gentry (they do carry cool stuff though), Carson Street is not really tailoring these days either, Epaulet do have a bit mix. Besides the Armoury I think if you're visiting NYC and you're into tailoring stuff definitely stop by Paul Stuart (and they have a sale now).
Well if not a lot in small I'll skip
Haha like wise though I think I have only bought 3 things from him so far, so not big enough amount to worry about... Definitely noted going forward
Think they go to $69~79 the lowest, then if still no takers they go to the warehouse website. If you're lucky you can have for 49~59 I think? Selection will be terrible by then though
Some of these incotex are a diffusion brand, filter those out I think most px around $120, with $60-80 seems like an immediate moving px
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