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good deal
very nice and my size!
Waist is 29.5, my guess is you have at least 1.5in to let out no?
This one is on Barneys Warehouse for ~$900, too bad they don't have 36, 38S is mighty tempting though...
you're still wearing suit in this weather?
If it's made in the US then it's old (before 90s, of course this is excluding the recent re-introduction of made in the US this past two years), could be polo or signature, I have one signature but that's already the made by Corneliani era (different than the PRL Corneliani ones in that it's full canvassed)
Ralph Lauren Purple Label Tie: 60.00 Is it black with dots or navy with dots?
how is the herrigbone officer chino and cord officer chino size? size down 2 like the old ones?
good stuff
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