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any idea how these fit compare to say RRL?
you got amazing collection
I like those whole cut, mght just drop by the store to see how it looks in person
Guess that depends on where you live. The only time I had similar issue was when I lived in Taiwan. Though that's only after a rainy day, it's usually fine.
Most people would have never heard of Formosa, and truthfully I would apply a discount if I was to bid on it since I have not tried it on. I have heard enough about construction/fabric so I know it's superb but they're all secondary if the fit is not right, my guess is most people have never heard of Formosa, and those that have heard might not have tried, thus mostly opportunistic and few niche buyer, no one was playing for the win...
ah were they new?
To me Medallions on whole cut is better than without, just enough to highlight the toe without the horizontal line on a toe cap
I like whole cut a lot especially with broguing.
hum, guess I will stick with my current regime on shell then (i.e.a bit cream and not much). I haven't run into water spot issue though (two from CJ, one from Ron rider, though both were on the darker side)
cool stuff
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