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glad to hear they make it right, it's usually when something goes wrong then you realize how good/bad customer service is. Separate note, do you have any other shoes to compare in terms of sizing, you said you have a wide feet, but is it wide in toebox/mid section or heel. I have wide ish (so say between US D and E) feet and the issue is always around toebox.
just received, I'll say puts my drakes tie to shame
Awesome stuff
oh yea, reddit review range from very good/detailed to, oh I like it therefore it's nice
Speaking of quality shoes Made in China, check out Grant Stone appearently these from shoemart are by them as well (and alden barrie sizing as well) no first hand experience, review all look positive (including reddit,...
I guess I'm lucky that everything you have is too small, lucky for my wallet that is
CJ Chelsea 8?
+1 for kamakura
Think all GG for PS are on TG73, same for this one?
+1 for net a porter
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