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good stuff
fine stuff
surprised so many stuff are still available, people need to jump on this
these look pretty good http://www.crockettandjones.com/news/index/ss15-product-spotlight--beaumont
cool, thanks for the info.
good stuff
it's easier to make something "tastier" by adding "flavors", which in America 99% of the times means creamier, heavier, and more sauce. To make something that taste great and light, without double down on cream/sauce is much harder and less appreciate in the US (just look at most of the Italian restaurant in the US). I have not come across any Chinese restaurant in the US that can do it right, they can taste 80% right on the spot but the after taste has always been wrong....
And size 3 roughly translate to?
full canvass is not some high tech. magic..., didn't SuitSupply have a full canvass version around 900, wouldn't be surprised if someone else can do it for cheaper
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