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I am sure a lot people are jumping in from communication and signal processing...
And I am sure leatherfoot will label it at true value..., they're "real" company after all...
Shipping is free, though pretty sure you will get hit with custom, how much is custom?
well, we always the resole thing is not economically, every nice English brand's resole job cost more than AE on sale, time to topy them all ...
Though they might end up at NM last call...
Don't think so,Neiman Marcus sell John Lobb but not Bontoni and few other BG exclusives
I thought everyone on the row starts at 5k?
That's how my father dress, he went from the 3rd son of a farmer to well above middle class, he has more waistcoat and loud tie and boderline too loud shoes than I can ever feel like pulling off
Probably not a lot, isn't it another $20 or so cheaper in Japan? Can't speak for Japan, but generally speaking manual labor even in the developed bits of Asia ex-Japan (HK/Singapore/Taiwan/South Korea) are still relatively cheap
they definitely carry more tie than what's shown online, as to shirts I think it's in general "different" outside stable item than more or less
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