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Define similar:p they'll fit but different aesthetics
Traveling, though in memory p2p is probably like 19.5, personally wouldn't size up, Eidos is pretty TTS other people who are borderline 46/48 can probably tell you more
Typical drop 6, 30 pant for US36 jacket
Don't wear SS so can't comment on that part. I have the old Tipo which I take IT 46S and blaz which I take IT 46 (blaz is definitely shorter than Tipo, I have tried Blaz in IT 46S before and jacket is definitely too short). For reference I'm 170cm (5ft7in) 143lb
Thanks what's the length measure from the bottom?
Probably more than 15 yr ago...?
good stuff
good stuff, sadly I don't go to enough fancy year end party...
Paraboot stuff are good, especially at this price
Unfortunately I have to pass, 6 pair OTC should last me for a while for now...
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