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cool stuff
ok thanks, the seller still insisting the slim had a slim narrow brown tag...
Anyone ever bought anything from Chronostore on 36W 47th St? Looking at some Omega Seamaster which they call "Display model" without paper but they do have their own 3year warranty..., legit?
cool stuff
interesting, were you getting the summer fabric by any chance? I think the RLBL suit winter fabric were all excellent
What's wrong with half lined? That doesn't say much about quality, no? By the way Bloomingdale on 59th St have a peak lapel RLBL suit on sale for about 700 edit: size 36 Regular, navy pinstripe
Well there is a range of acceptableness, if I get a blister from rubbing the toe on a bespoke then I probably won't be too happy. If everything is a bit loose than I can probably live with that. Probably useless 2 cents...
Quick question on those who have RRL Slim Narrow, can you guys tell me if the inside jeans always says Slim Narrow fit or there has been some season where it says slim fit. The reason I'm asking is because I got a pair of EBay and the guy had a picture of the removable brown tag that says Slim Narrow but when I got the jeans the inside says slim-fit and it has same measurement/product tag# as my slim fit. Just want to make sure I don't falsely accuse the seller of selling...
Nice staples
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