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fantastic fits
you guys ever lived in South East Asia ? Try leather sole only, you will have to resole about every 2 month unless you only drive, which means you're better off buy a new pair every year
I have never seen Made in Italy Phinease Cole suit. Mainline Paul Stuart used to have made in Italy stuff though priced like 5k for two piece, which used to be Isaia, no idea who it is now.
Yup, or as far as I know, didn't bother to look at the label. Guess I will check again when it come back in 2 weeks
Just bought this from PS sale http://www.paulstuart.com/product_info.cfm?ProdID=6971&ProdCatId=1056&MainCatId=14&HEADERMENUID=0&SUBPRODCATID=0 too bad no matching vest in my size (36)
ah, well, any online seller you might recommend, is there any difference other than the ceramic bezel?Also in general how do you guys know which version of the 2500 movement it will be on (looking at 2220.80.00 specifically)? I was checking the Omega forum, seems like anything prior to 2500C have more issues
I just called an Omega AD, and they told me the 300m co-axial blue wave dial ones have been discountinued, is it true?
sweet collections
Anything in out wear in black label or purple label in small?
Does this fit like Barbour (i.e. pretty straight down), or it has a bit more shape?
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