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really cool
good stuff
slightly too big for me...
I must be minority I wear 46S in Tipo, and it was never really a true favorite of my, too loose (not necessarily in the not enough waist suppression, just never in the right way), surprisingly Balthazar is good for me and much better than Tipo (in 46R, 46S is just too ridiculous short in Balthazar) in terms of fit, but I do miss the 3 roll to 2 and wider lapel so never end up getting. I only tried the NMWA cut in the double breast suit (the only thing available at trunk...
really cool stuff
Thought guys like bluepresent live on by oversea buyer, though his inventory does sit around nearly forever
good stuff
what's the true color?
Is it made by Loro Piana or uses Loro Piana fabric?
don't need another raw, otherwise this is great stuff
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