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awesome stuff
great deal with they were 9E UK
Poor picture of the Edios brown cord double breast
By the way this looks amazing in person (edit with spoiler tag) [[SPOILER]]
Great trunk show, my take away are 1. on KANATA sizing, Greg is definitely right on up size. I'm 36 typically, they only have 40, but even that is kind close, so 38 should be right (especially on the length, seems to cut shorter vs. other sweater I have tried before). Though this is definitely close to the itchy side if you don't wear shirt underneath. I'm still debating between KANATA and Inis Meain, though for chunky street wear I'm sure you can't beat KANATA 2. I...
Amazing line up, finally can nail down some stuff on sizing
They have ready made card holder on display, not sure if it's for sale
good stuff
damn, why isn't this smaller...
Best just try, Jeffery used to say upsize to avoid divot as well. My personal view is try both ways..., then if nothing works this cut is not for you, move on...
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