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There are definitely two different level of made in italy, one is the purple label stuff for over 1k retail, then the other is like sub 650 at retail. The Sasetti stuff are over 1k, and usually have channeled insole
http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=30760686&cp=2943767.29054996&ab=ln_nodivision_cs_rrlextra25%25off&view=99&s=D-StorePrice-POLO&pg=1&parentPage=family anyone know if the suit pants are vanity sized or TTS. I take the officer chino and low straight in 28, and 29.5~30 true waist
good stuff
good stuff
yup, been a while I suppose (like 2 years before I bought something last week), now I think I have seen Made in Italy Sports Coat for PC, but pretty sure all of the PC suits I have seen were made in Canada, though definitely could be wrong as I didn't bother to check most of them.I know outwear/sweater wise it's all over the place, Made in England/Scotland/Ireland/Italy etc. Can you recall who made the mainline made in Italy PS suit? My father has one of the Made in...
You're just getting dogmatic, I can carry umbrella (raincoat would be way too hot in that kind of weather, hated rain coat ever since I was a kid), swim, in my opinion is super ugly, and unpractical. I can live with carry umbrella most of the time when, but swims, definitely not.
fantastic fits
you guys ever lived in South East Asia ? Try leather sole only, you will have to resole about every 2 month unless you only drive, which means you're better off buy a new pair every year
I have never seen Made in Italy Phinease Cole suit. Mainline Paul Stuart used to have made in Italy stuff though priced like 5k for two piece, which used to be Isaia, no idea who it is now.
Yup, or as far as I know, didn't bother to look at the label. Guess I will check again when it come back in 2 weeks
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