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Good stuff
looks good
all right stopping by tomorrow, hopefully I can find something
we need measurements on the Ring Jacket! By the way anyone know what model are they (184, AMJXX?, 235 etc.?)
how do they fit in the waist, typical vanity sizing (i.e. waist 30 is really waist 32?)
how's the RL sample sale (in terms of tailoring stuff in 36)
by the Bloomingdales carry Paraboots as well, and they're on sale currently, what's a good Px for paraboots, I think with code in it's just under 300 for shoes
By the way if it's still $800 even in Laos then I guess raw material cost on shoes is pretty high then
Probably isn't a market for $800 made in Laos, or made in Taiwan for that matter. Consumer assume they're getting ripped off if it's over $300~400? On any shoes made in Asia outside Japan
New Posts  All Forums: