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Or more like yet to be useful, if the industry could spend the amount of R&D as we do say smartphone on automating last making then I'm sure it will go somewhere. It's more like no one with serious engineering power can be bothered enough with it, thus the 3D scanner you use here is just an adoption from something that was designed for a different purpose.
fantastic stuff
I think it's price..., though personally I find myself dancing in between like or not like Eidos given the only thing I own from Eidos is a suit and I prefer more defined shoulder, had I own a sports coat my opinion might be different.
pretty sure you can do MTO from NMWA in EU 44
Good stuff and I agree about downsizing, I'm 36 in every brand (probably 37 in reality) and 46 in both 184 and AMJ03 were too big
Which Rakuten seller did you use?
Between Fitzgerald and Milano
Go to online sales section you can see one on sale the other two are in store, 700 something
Paul Stuart has 3GG on sale, 2 Oxford, one loafer
At 300GBP, Paul Stuart sale price might be better
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