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do you guys stock ring jacket in 46 or 44 (EU, so 34 or 36US, at least on AMJ03, the Armoury stuff wise I need US 34 even though I'm pretty consistent US 36 pretty much everywhere). Also which model of ring jacket do you guys carry, 184?
http://www.gentrynyc.com/products/tenero-suit how can they take a picture of Tenero like that...
Bunch cheap Polo Ralph Lauren sports coat (these are the old Corneliani made...
Also what's the leg opening on the camoshita pants, want to see how non slim they're...
The new camoshita stuff are amazing, on the easy pants should we still take the normal size despite much smaller waist measurements?
Cool stuff
I'm typically 36S in suit 15 neck 33 arm length in a slim fit shirt, so something like small to XS typically. Would I be YH1 or YH2 in the button down shirts? edit: never mind, somehow the sizing thing is not popping up on cell phone, now I'm pretty sure I'm YH1 if not smaller
good stuff
Caruso, probably decently good
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