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Don't have E.G. Shearling lined Galway, but experience in other brand is it's noticeable warmer, -i.e. too warm to wear indoor... Ps experience based on walking 5hr outdoor in -5C, so day to day might not be noticeable and too warm indoor
can you provide measurements or link to the measurements from blue owl?
damn wish it was 46
well, let's just say I don't just unzip..., button front is something I can live with after getting use to (vs. zip front), this I would say probably not, hence why I never use it..., plus I rarely have the belt off center problem (or off center enough for me to bother) to start with, so never bother to get use to it
Most incotex and bunch Italian brand has it as well, I never used it because it's semi annoying when you go to the bathroom...
Definitely avoid I would say
Good stuff and great px for isaia
Damn wish there were 36
Definitely sensible, already have more than 1navy suit and sports coat, otherwise really have to pass on this one
didn't bother to watch, but always had the impression that he is tough and fair...
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