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you mean $39
cool stuff
Length is from top of the collar or bottom of the collar?
I have found store price is usually lower
Got a rota question, I am 29.5 waist so usually take 30 waist (i.e. EU 46), though looking on the website, looks like 44 has 31.1in on waist. Is that because the rise is 10in? I take 30in in most pants (Polo Ralph Lauren made in Italy, RLBL, and most Incotex)
Barneys New York has Inis Meain with nice discount if you can find your size. Bergdorf Goodman use to carry them, not sure now
good stuff
Looks great
yea I missed it, had to work...
good ideas, now you got me thinking, medium shade of green with some texture might work too?
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