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And other than knit tie I really don't like skinny ties..., though that's certainly personal preference
Don't think I can really agree with anything other than that fit is the most important part in a suit. What's wrong with silk tie, and since when did linen and wool tie become more staple item? On the note of fit I would also add how the suit move when I move is something I pay more attention to now, kind pointless if the suit only looks good if I am motionless
great deal
Actually I forgot to ask CJ how much it is to put on commando sole. I use shell cordovan as bad weather shoe...
But of course B Nelson won't have the original last
I think B. Nelson is $95 and 2 weeks?
that's recrafting
In case anyone is interested, just called CJ midtown asking for resole pricing, it's $210 these days (drop off in store and pick up in store), takes 8 weeks though...
I have seen mohair/wool blend for navy tuxedo, though it appear a bit too "casual" when you zoom in on it (no one will tell at any reasonable distance though).
It's a simpler choice for me, TG73 is just a bit too tight around toe box while mh71 is perfect
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