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These are ventless?
Awesome stuff
Awesome thread
Not sure if they're the same but it's close enough that I wear the same size in both (low straight and officer chino). The only exception I can think of are the dress pants which is more TTS.For the record my true waist is between 29 and 30 I wear 28.
Good stuff, unfortunately light grey doesn't really work with my skin tone
I tried MP Massimo Di Piombo in EU 46 once, I'm pretty solid US36 and it felt somewhat too big, surprised that you find it slim
Tipo:46SBalthazar:46RNMWA: My guess is 46S though I could only have tried 46RFor reference I'm the same height as you, though about 10 lb lighter. I liked the bigger lapel on NMWA, but it doesn't quite fit me that well. Would prefer Tipo with more shape (or just some how the shaping isn't quite what u want). For the record my best fitting suit are Paul Stuart PC which is just different aesthetics I guess
awesome stuff
Austin is shorter and the pants are slimmerDaniel and Nigel are both less padded (vs. Anthony), don't remember what's the exact difference between Daniel and Nigel though I like both more so than Anthony these days
Good stuff
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