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Is it possible to have this Chelsea in calf? The patina setive's chelsea looks really odd with the slanted (instead straight) stitching under the elastic
good deal, too small...
I walk ~2 miles/day on week day 5+ miles on weekends, all in Manhattan (read crappy streets), toe wore out really quickly without metal taps... Sole can probably take a beating for longer. and yea I even successfully worn down dainite (CJ Northcote, though that one has been with me from NYC to London to Taiwan back to NYC, so 7~8yr? not too bad) or much cheaper and utility wise no less
old school 6 series love it!
downsize 2 then, just like RRL, what's with all the vanity sizing on jeans...
JP42 is probably same as EU42, it's not as small as the name sound though. I'm normally 36 US, and in 184 EU44 fits me better than EU46, so EU42 is probably more like 34 US in reality
Would recommend B. Nelson as well had two pair of GG with flush metal plate installed by them as well
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