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it's easier to make something "tastier" by adding "flavors", which in America 99% of the times means creamier, heavier, and more sauce. To make something that taste great and light, without double down on cream/sauce is much harder and less appreciate in the US (just look at most of the Italian restaurant in the US). I have not come across any Chinese restaurant in the US that can do it right, they can taste 80% right on the spot but the after taste has always been wrong....
And size 3 roughly translate to?
full canvass is not some high tech. magic..., didn't SuitSupply have a full canvass version around 900, wouldn't be surprised if someone else can do it for cheaper
these fit more looser than Walt?
how does slim straight compare to low straight and slim, I got the later two (from Japanese denim times)?
got a fit picture by any chance?
cool piece
If sushi is legal I can't see how druken prawn or druken crab is not though I have not come to a single one in NYC that can do it. NYC is Cantonese cuisine heavy anyway...
by the way can you list what other pants that usually fits you well (RLBL/PRL/JCrew/RRL etc.?), just wonder how slim these are
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