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Do the herringbone fit TTS or typical 2 size larger than actual?
Can someone comment on the fit? Interested in the tassel loafer. I was going to get tassel loafer from Alden but abrebden (spelling?) is a bit too narrow for me in the toebox (EG 184 is also too narrow, CJ 325 looks a bit weird on my flat foot)
Good stuff
Don't know what incline weather means, walking in Manhattan for two weeks, raining season in Taipei over two weeks probably cause more wear than someone who owns it for a year but mainly driving between home and office... I topy all my shoes since few years back...
Rough guess wise would this be like 5.5 US for women?
Anyone has Barbanera's tassel loafer? How does it compare to CJ (325 last) and Alden's tassel (abrebdeb?) in terms of width around toebox?
Not all RLBL (or should we say the new entry RLPL...) are Anthony, Nigel/Daniel both have much much less padding (not sure about Austin). I wouldn't call Anthony super low rise either, at least in 36, Drake in Custom fit (i.e. the good RLPL stuff) is just a bit higher in rise compare to Anthony.
Don't know about Epaulet, but generally TTS, i.e 9.5D US = 8.5 UK, at least for the ones Bloomingdales carry
good stuff
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