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Someone needs to pick the isaia
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How do these compare to the old corneliani in terms of fit? Similar to Bradford?
I end up buying medium tall, they didn't have what I want in medium, the medium tall sleeve is definitely longer than 32.5 but not unwearablely long
Cesare Attolini w/ Domenico Vacca — 38R — $860.00 wish this was 36
I have the knit shirt, I typically take toyko slim 15-32.5 (wouldn't mind sleeve a bit longer), I take the knit in medium, can take small as well, though would be pretty tight. I like the knit shirt, they can pass as regular dress shirt as long as you don't choose stuff with lots of texture, add bonus is they don't require much iron (if any).
very cool
everything half size too big, great deal otherwise...
Awesome stuff
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