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At what price range though? BG and PS all have really nice ones that runs about 1k
don't need another sports coat now, but this is awesome https://www.sartoriale.com/products/sartoria-partenopea-brown-windowpane-wool-mohair-cashmere-jacket-new?variant=17252419265
Paul Stuart usually limit to what they have on sale though (especially on tailoring). I'm 100% sure they still have sports coat from more than 2 seasons ago (would kop if it was my size), sometimes they do extra 20% at the end (not additive, multiplicative). I mean even on shoes the >50% off used to be on Grenson Masterpiece, Carmine and sometimes CJ but never on Gaziano Girling
Nop wife was around, with new baby coming everything goes to the kid now haha
How about Sartore? At first I thought it might be misspelled Sartorial (younger Kiton line), but by the current price I assume It is not. Anyone actually bought something?
If you mean, is the Alden 40 off, have to say no idea sorry, haha.... think the sportscoat was running close to 700 vs whatever original, scarf looks like mostly 40 off
No idea but definitely pass new year just don't know how much pass new year and given they're moving location would imagine no restock for the time being
They're running 40% off at the Soho pop up shop worth checking out, think they're moving to a new location by Jan month end
I own 10+ as well (though never ordered online), got chosen haven't receive it yet though
Have same Heleny love it as well
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