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Doubtful about $450 though, if you do an auction on eBay would probably be 300, can always put at your ideal price and wait for someone to bite but that might take quite a while
Well ice and slush...
Also sizing say same as CJ, any particular CJ last as reference?
2nd one looks pretty good, anyone got real life picture?
Always SUV?
No more watch for me this year (at least what I try to do), though next year this would probably be the watch I get
Amazing px
Fantastic stuff, only if deco wasn't so narrow...
No doubt time to consumer is better if you make it here (also why some Chinese companies are moving here too). A bit surprised that minimal wage increase would hit you guys that hard, I suppose the guy who just sew the button doesn't makes that much, and that's where minimal wage increase will hit?
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