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Well I wouldn't really trust measurements from union made...
Do you guys actually have failure on cemented shoe? I used to buy them before I know any better and they never failed on me
Soon but technology will continue to progress nonetheless...
good stuff
well, we were talking about feasibility before now we move to economical value, that's a progress. I think the earlier part is it's not feasible, at least we can say it's feasible, economical or not, is unknown.
Anyone have both Paul Stuart mainline and Canteralli? Interested in buying this one for my dad in Taiwan, he is 42S to 42R in Paul Stuart (Baxter or Paul model, the slightly trimmer side vent ones), same size in Canteralli or size up? http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/burgundy-wool-silk-linen-sport-coat-with-navy-windowpane.html
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