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Sweet price
where can I see the analysis? I have the cheap cheap version and I also tried the RLPL version on, to me at least they felt different. I also got the Sassetti for Bergdorf Goodman that's cost in between the "cheap cheap version" and RLPL price, the BG one does feel nicer than the "cheap cheap" one, though I can't honestly say if it's inferior or the same to RLPL one (msrp 650 vs. RLPL msrp over 1k, I got at quite a bit discount, like edit: never mind I saw the...
ah, time to find a new tailor ?
well then I heavily abuse my shell, they're my bad weather go to shoes...
spoke to my guy, he said 2.5 yards to be on the safe side, so guess that's out, oh well...
well, just need someone to do a review then
good stuff and great price especially on the shell cordovan
sweet, see you guys then
you sure about the jacket measurements? that's borderline 36S
was it solid or there were stuff that require quite a bit matching
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