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blue Donegal top coat is fantastic, don't need another coat otherwise I would have bought them
yes, please, can you post here, thanks!
well, looks like 29 is probably best for me then, but 28 is workable
White tag cruso for RLBL has been gone for like couple years no? The last RLBL suit I own that has white rag were from 2009/2010? Though to answer your question I have no idea how to tell they're Caruso or not now the white rag is gone, definitely want to hear some info. on this as well
I think the main factor for Marlow sizing is width. I am 9.5D on the right and 9E on the left (US size). 9 probably would have worked if not for the width. I wear 9.5D which is a bit longer than I like while the toebox still feel a bit tight. So to sum up if you're Normal to narrow width than you can size down half, otherwise TTS. If you're truly wide than I'd say don't size up half, the last is just not for you.
well, it makes even more sense if I just buy it in Japan on my way to Asia next time, given the exchange rate now it's stupidly cheap...
nop, they're not the standard UK "E" width, but the narrow UK "D" width. Ralph Lauren seems to always offer UK "D" width in the US market for EG and GG (I have only seen other width by RL in markets outside US)
RL Mansion has hove like boots on MH71 on sale 9.5UK D width, so US10 narrow, 810 first mark down not sure if another 40% off apply though
Looking good, I can't pull of slim fit like you do here. Did you go for same size as you do on low straight (down 2), or just taker larger size (down 1 or TTS) then take the waist in.
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