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thanks will check it out
all right arrived today, loving it, now only thing I have to worry is the possible non-sense amount from DHL... edit: this is my first real watch post g-shock, it definitely set the bar high...
Aha maybe I'll hold off ordering straps for a while then...
@wigglr think your Formosa looks better than your Eidos, your own thoughts?
I'm actually curious to know how RL maintain quality control, I thought most large American clothing company's model is not to own any actual factory just farm out the order. Apparently they're doing a pretty decent job on quality control in that case.
and mostly first generation...
So I'm getting JLC Master Ultra Thin Moon in a few days, already looking for alternative strap to dress it down a bit (I got the black alligator as standard), I think I'll just order from CF, though not sure what color, any thoughts (some shade of brown, calf or alligator)?
not too shabby for ~$1.5k
well, maybe you can give me the 70% off instead... other than flannel shirt and vest don't think you can really compare EG and RRL, different aesthetics. I don't have a problem with made in China RRL, all my officer chino are made in China, they have hold up very well
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