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Good stuff
Some nice stuff
8. Adriano & Sons by Caruso Purple Windowpane Suit Love this one
Not coherent, just good stuff in general, and actually there are tons other awesome stuff left in general... 1. ROTA Navy herringbone wool flannel trousers (or the Blue donegal tweed trousers, though only 44 is left, so I went with this one instead) http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/navy-herringbone-wool-flannel-trousers.html 2. MONITALY Mountain parka in caramel brown waxed canvas with brown plaid wool blanket lining 3. Inis Meain Special Edition dark brown...
Looks like La Botte Chantilly uses chronopost international, anyone ever got hit with duty shipped to US?
Fantastic stuff
good stuff
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