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Good to know
NMWA in general has amazing out wear selections, my problem is I can justify buying sportscoat, but how many overcoat do I really need, plus they take a ton of closest space... Otherwise so many nice stuff here
Aha I was looking for a simple dark brown or burgenady
Trousers: Waist: 19 inches by the way this is probably wrong?
I remember when I just started to looking for watch (a year ago?), one of the first thng I wanted to try was Sub no date, went to Rolex AD, told me they don't have any, not even display model to just try. Walk across the street to Wempe, the guy showed me and offered me discount without I even ask, so I guess the lesson is I have no idea... Glad I end up getting JLC MUT Moon eventually though, just think I'm more of a dress watch guy.
ok, try to do this in my size only, in no particular order outwear Monitaly Mountain parka (probably like the black version better though) knit wear to layer inis meain Aran cable knit zipped cardigan (have the same thing from BG in brown, love...
Anyone interested in GMTO on the new CS Chelsea in calf instead of suede Edit calf instead of leather... Ps what's the GMTO rule for CS (number of shoe, width change, color etc)
Well you can get Daytona from Chrono24, no idea if they have stock though
Well so general experience for BJ is size down 2 or not...?
Is it possible to have this Chelsea in calf? The patina setive's chelsea looks really odd with the slanted (instead straight) stitching under the elastic
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