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I don't really baby my shirt, machine wash hung dry always worked for me
Can't really tell if there is a shoulder issue or you're twisting your upper body. Personally I would try size up, if shoulder is still an issue try another fit/brand
good stuff
they have two version I thought, one is mid calf the other is OTC
hum, how do you guys wash your socks? I just throw into washer wash cold and tumble dry have the OTC (longer) socks for 6 month now, haven't had falling down issue so far
I prefer MH71 as well, though if someone ever offer DG70 in wider width I might get persuade otherwise
I find cold brew too strong, though I'm very casual coffee drinker
never owned any W&G, so just wondering are they all suppose to be worn un tucked (given the length I assume so?)
still lots good stuff here
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