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Damn still too big...
Thom Browne BBBF 100% Wool Oatmeal Trousers Sizes Available: BB0 BB2 BB4 MSRP: $450 Asking Price: $175 this is really nice
I think it's "ok", they might be able to do even better job had I been more demanding (i.e. if you look at all 3 some of them are definitely done better than the other)Now the question can anyone recommend a place for machine buttonhole (so I get better consistency), Ignacio (the one next to Bloomingdales) quotes me $120 for machine buttonhole as suppose to $85 at chipp.
will do, hopefully Friday, if not early next week
Some really nice stuff
Anyone tried to get buttonhole done by chipp? They charge 85 which I think is as low as by hands get (bonus point, they're close to work too). First time using them hope it turn out well
Polo Ralph Lauren Sports Coat (the old Made in Italy Corneliani stuff), looks like the Polo I model http://www.styleforum.net/t/471551/price-drop-polo-ralph-lauren-houndstooth-sport-coat-36r-38r/0_100 And for reference http://www.styleforum.net/t/214705/the-polo-suit-thread/0_100
good stuff
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