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By the way did RRL change sizing this season? I'm pretty consistent 28 (low straight, officer chino) but for the slim fit officer chino (the 6.7oz lighter weight and slim fit version) I end up taking 30. 29 would work but it would make my leg look like chicken leg
that is indeed the cheapest "NWT" Brunello Cucinelli I have ever seen, someone should grab this
No worries, there are at least 3 makes for RLPL shoes these days (EG/GG and the Made in Italy stuff)
These are made in Italy, pretty sure it's not Edward Green, my best guess is Silvano Sassetti?
good stuff
for all I know you could have been doing some elementary field trip with JLC, I mean without the description it's one of those you can't possibly be offended picture...
good to know, save me the trouble...
might have something to do with dry cleaners? My Polo II is 3 roll to 2, but one of them now is almost 3 roll to 2.5 after the dry cleaners iron the lapel...
awesome stuff
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