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Another stuff
Someone should ping Spoo
The ones they sell in London is definitely E width
PC stuff are awesome, obviously no 36 though...
Anyone got the tassel loafer on 1944 can comment on fit? Trying to find Alden alternative, abdern(spelling?) is just too narrow in toebox for me (in US D width, E would work in toebox but heel would slip). In general I'm 9.5D US to slightly wider with fairly flat foot. GG MH 71 works for me ish in 9E UK, CJ 348 in 8.5E UK works for Chucka (Tetbury), but Oxford feels too tight in toebox
anyone on the States side offer in calf?edit: if anyone is interested, union made has the tassel loafers on Copley though only in suede
thanks, though the Px is really ouch, and it comes in E width...
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