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All just a bit too small
who owns the burden of proof? I can think cases where tech. company tried to operate same way and got sued, my guess is more like most people turn a blind on it
good stuff, and my size...
Barnyes start carry Cifonelli RTW? I'd better check it out some time soon then
very nice
nop, just in general. Personally I'm highly px sensitive I haven't paid for any shoes over $600, EG/GG included... if EG stay in the current range, they will be a "sweet deal" (all in relative term) compare to GG, right now even CJ Handgrade seems to be on the high side guess I'll start looking at EB
Most EG client on styleforum are highly px sensitive, no idea about their actual typical client...
they all look pretty good, stuff in 36 were mostly really loud and cool, but not daily wearable PC stuff...
Bought a sports coat and a trouser that I'll probably only wear to christmas/holiday party. A lot loud PC stuff that I was tempted but finally said to myself that I probably won't wear it...
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