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is this more slim or more boxy (i.e. closer to original) fit?
awesome stuff
awesome color
I'm a 36, wear small in inis meain, I tried on Kanata in 40 (not bison) during trunk show, it almost worked (slightly too big, but not by a lot), so I think you're borderline if you want it snugi.e. better to wait Greg to answer, but just give a data point from my perspective
Thanks for the info. guess I'll get both, just have to find a way to convince the wife...
Anyone got Heschung and paraboot to compare?
Which model is this?
I see, by the way for the record, it's this one http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=65354986 edit: though usually at least the waist has been pretty consistent for me across everything in the past (except dress pants)
By the way did RRL change sizing this season? I'm pretty consistent 28 (low straight, officer chino) but for the slim fit officer chino (the 6.7oz lighter weight and slim fit version) I end up taking 30. 29 would work but it would make my leg look like chicken leg
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