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any chelsea boots from Carlos Santos?
Gucci used to have nice stuff when Tom Ford was around, they were all full canvassed made by Zegna, not sure about these days, I had an older one with decent construction but only ok fabric.
I don't think we can lump RLPL current into one category, there two RLPL suits right now, one is the old RLBL with slightly higher price (~$2k) and the other one is the original RLPL ($4k). Another way to tell beyond price is the model, RLBL still have Anthony and Nigel and RLPL still have Drake and Savile Row, though as new models comes out it will be hard to tell I guess.
good deal
Maybe that's what the free trial shirts were for, in another news, just got notification that my has arrived in the Madison store, will pick it up some time, though also want to try the Napoli shirt, too bad the Madison store doesn't have any (and I have zero interest going downtown for it...)
well, if we lump Ralph Lauren in there, it's probably more recognisable than Rolex, but that's Ralph Lauren as a clothe brand vs. Rolex as a watch brand, Montblanc these days seems more like a general luxury brand (outside clothe).
Paul Stuart probably has some (possibly made by?) drake pocket square as well, and they're running extra 20%, tie wise Barneys probably has the best sale price though their selection are not always the best (still miles better than when Bloomingdales carried Drakes tie)
just put on some protector (I use nano), CJ Tetbury is one of my go to rain shoes
The current RLPL has 2 range, which one the 2k (i.e. Old RLBL) or 5k (the original RLPL) for suit?
Which RLPL, the RLBL became RLPL or the original RLPL
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