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lots of good stuff, unfortunately not my size
is this more slim or more boxy (i.e. closer to original) fit?
awesome stuff
awesome color
I'm a 36, wear small in inis meain, I tried on Kanata in 40 (not bison) during trunk show, it almost worked (slightly too big, but not by a lot), so I think you're borderline if you want it snugi.e. better to wait Greg to answer, but just give a data point from my perspective
Thanks for the info. guess I'll get both, just have to find a way to convince the wife...
Anyone got Heschung and paraboot to compare?
Which model is this?
I see, by the way for the record, it's this one http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=65354986 edit: though usually at least the waist has been pretty consistent for me across everything in the past (except dress pants)
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