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thanks a lot for the info. my father is between 5ft6in and 5ft7in, so length will probably work out perfectly, sounds like most advice a size up then
Nice, sure about the measurements? Seems pretty tight for 38 my past experience has been their stuff tends to fit pretty relaxed
To me there are two ways around this, so after scanning, we can either 1. Expert judgement from some real expert, OR 2. have the end user fill in enough questionnaire to allow for sufficient tweaking. In the end "2" might not be so much worse than "1". In addition if the whole process is cheap enough you can do trail shoe like you order cheap online MTM, i.e. tweak until you're happy. Though this looks like quite a while away given that the ones who're mostly capable of...
awesome stuff
Went a friend's wedding, tried Moone Tsai Reserve, liked it a lot, then I went home found out it was Opus One money...
cool stuff
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