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I got it from Bloomingdales it's a nice heavy weight, you'll like it
Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, you stopped before Regan consciously?
Bloomingdales, Saks studd mostly casual I think, what is dress or not really depends on your line of work I suppose.
You mean the free trial shirt? It's definitely a bit slimmer, the made in Italy Napoli short is also a bit slimmer
Good stuff
As to the "new" JLC Chorongraph, I like it, but still prefer the current (now old) master chrongraph in black (only if they can take out that date window...)
my problem with GO (and ALS) is that giant date thing, yes it's harder to build, but I just don't like how it looks on the dial... In another news JLC MUT Moon for women, I actually would like this dial more so than my version, at least for now anyway (would definitely change the strape though)
Agree on the Piaget, got to get the 38mm manual ones, though still wish they could make the auto smaller.
Like the blue dial though think Piaget beats JLC on this one As to MUT moon I think I'll stay with my white dial vs new grey though it does look good and nice alternative. Personally think the only one doesn't do for me is the black dial MUT moon, like it at first but thought it being not as versatile. If I want a black dial I would get reverse duo
How tall are you if you don't mind I ask
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