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sweet stuff!
just got my Robert Brown Officer Chino in size 28, thanks to @notwithit. Sizes works out for me (so far I have been in 28 waist in everything in RRL)
I have only seen Drake in Custom fit, so my impression has been all around slimmer, though not as much as RLBL.
RL did it on purpose though, same goes for EG and GG for RL (UK D width). For some reason the oversea RL do carry normal (UK E width), somehow RL is under the impression US population has narrower feet?
http://m.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/eidos-windowpane-check-three-piece-suit-slim-fit-bloomingdales-exclusive?ID=1109084That's the one
The Mansion has same boots on sale though in lighter tan for cheaper
I got the 3 piece grey windowpane suit in 46S online (59th st doesn't have it). Mt first Eidos piece, looking forward to it
good stuff
good stuff
New Posts  All Forums: