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Butters has something similar as well
looks a bit rugged for watch collection, I guess it's for the like of rolex sub/omega seamaster/speedmaster, i.e. sports watch
on Formosa what would a hypothetical EU 44R even 44S would be...? I'm typically 46S (Eidos for example), and 46R in Formosa was too big (or maybe was just too long)
the guy next to me wore Titanium blue Omega Seamaster PO with suit every day, so honestly it is everything goes these days (to some extent, as long as you're not too ridiculous)
are these UK or US sizing?
my wife like Eclair bakery a lot, it's on 53rd btw 1st and 2nd (closer to 2nd) in case anyone in the city likes to drop by
This looks awesome
Would ulster work for short people (
this is a keeper, so what's your typical US Size 10D?
I think it depends on if you want to layer or not
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