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awesome stuff
that's one awesome coat
another item marked I want but I don't need...
Tipo is 3 roll to 2, Balthazar is 2 button
what do you mean? Bloomingdales used to carry Tipo (3 roll to 2), now it's all Balthazar (2 button and shorter and slightly narrower lapel), pretty sure everything you see online in Bloomingdales are all Balthazar, though sometimes you can still find Tipo in store (in some discount rack). For buttons, easy, non-working..., I never find much usefulness with working button, the only time I bother with working button is bespoke... or if it's a no charge option for MtM...
amazing px
great px
If they run narrow then I probably have to skip...
http://www.ebay.com/itm/272357229129?euid=4b1afd91531146a49345f10ba7019538&bu=43103811990&cp=1&sojTags=bu=bu cheap RRL chino, though the guy says it's TTS, so it's the slim fit version?
General public does know what they think look good or bad regardless true or not, and certainly don't care why (though lapel size, leg tapering 3 vs. 2 button what not tends to stand out), so what's in trend definitely factor in. From my own personal experience wise Balthazar looks better on me than Tipo (yea I know it's just 0.5 inch difference in length), my theory is probably because I'm a short guy (5ft7in). I take EU 46R in Balthazar and EU 46S in Tipo so the...
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