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damn that's really rounded, time to think about it...
thanks for the info.
good to know, though I guess not much discount in the end given EG was already jacked up to start with?
Can someone comment on the difference between Lorenzo and NMWA cut (as in someone who had wore both, not just measurements)? My main is how open the quarters are. I remember when Greg first post his fitting picture in Lorenzo the quarters looks ridiculously open (according to Greg it's more to do with hip than jacket), and less quarter opening was one of the thing I remember the NMWA cut changed so just wondering if anyone can comment on that p.s. in case someone else is...
I assume the last picture is the closest in terms of color?
It never worked on EG or Alden for me, but sometimes it work on CJ cordovan
it's longer or shorter than the current version? can you post measurements?
it's a shirt jacket or just look unconstructed?
good stuff
I think more fundamental question, does it fit? I assume you can at least try Ferragamo in person somewhere, might be harder to try CJ/AS (i.e. same price range) in person.
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