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good stuff
this is awesome deal
well mine (job done by you guys) hasn't fell off, so far so good. I trust your sample is larger than most of us for sure.
I have no idea if screw fell out (when done correctly) is a 1 in 2 or 1 in 1000 event, to us end user that is probably what matters (setting the damage issue aside for now as I just don't know)
Not what I'm saying as someone can always do a crap job, just adding a data point
Probably none, thought the guy does it for living
No screw fell out either, done at B Nelson.
My metal tap doesn't really make noise, that was my worry in the beginning as well.
Thought so too, though I have RTW jacket that says flax silk blend while other says linen silk blend, just wondering if it's inconsistent naming or there is actually a difference
Fantastic deal
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