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all right decision time, for the TS(S) Quilted jacket, which one is better for casual all around (especially pairing with denim) navy blue or charcoal grey (in all honesty probably should have picked up the red/burgundy few seasons back)
good stuff
cool stuff
thanks, a bit borderline for me to gamble, someone should definitely grab this if the length works out
Dresswatch, maybe and it's relatively affordable, otherwise would stick with Rolex sub no date to go both dress/sport or Omega speedmaster pro (much cheaper too)
They had Tokyo and New York model for knit, Manhattan model is the one that just came out, how can they have for years
Sounds like a buy for me then, though I do have something from RLBL a few season back that serve same purpose, maybe I should just admit I like it and buy more outwear...
Damn I was just thinking of reverso, this is tempting
Good stuff
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