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Some really cool stuff here
Ah in store only? Guess time to call some SA...
I thought you suppose to take these TTS vs. downsize 2 in rigid officer chino? I assume your comment on fit is TTS on Clydes vs. size down 2 on the original officer chino?
How often do you wear the rigid, my completely soften in less than a month (daily wearing though)
Awesome stuff
Great px by the way
how do they fit though? More relaxed fit than the regular officer chino?
+1, I remember seeing some of them in the sample sale. I thought Bloomingdales is awesome at selecting bad Drakes, this is some next level stuff though
I think the average consumer more attention these days. I mean even mediocre suit brand have to pay lip service to say whether they're half or fully canvassed, and the used to be crappy shoe brand will now come out with a line that's goodyear welt (might still be crappy). Those by itself does not guarantee quality, but the fact retailer actually has to say something about it means consumer were more aware than at least 5 years ago. They might not actually know what it...
Blame 08, retailer went deep to survive then very few can get out the habit once consumer saw how low it could go...
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