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Not sure if you want slim fit or just properly fitted jacket, when people say slim fit the pencil straight kind of Dior suit come to mind. Unless you have some ridiculous large drop, take the waist in without pulling would work for most brands. I guess the only thing you got to watch for is if armhole is high enough. I personally think some of the older PRL suit model are great, like Bradford, Polo II, not sure how it is now. PRL is half canvassed but I felt its fabric...
And for reference I am 5ft7in, 145 lb I take 36R in BB Milano then cut the jacket a bit shorter (though not as short as 36S). For RLBL I took 38S but I was nearly 155 lb at the time. I think 36 RLBL would probably have some pull on the waist. My normal size is 36S (Zegna, Isaia, Paul Stuart, Eidos, Canali PRL, Cornelliani, Brioni, Richard James, Kilgour)
Oh well if no 46S I'll pass...
I own both BB Milano and RLBL Anthony, Milano jacket is shorter, RLBL has even more waist suppression in the same size. Surprisingly Milano pants are tighter than RLBL, though you can always take in RLBL pants seat. Fabric wise RLBL feels better. I got my RLBL in 08 for 450 so I paid slightly more for my Milano a few years later
good stuff
Any 46S 😈
good stuff
Can't speak for all the Gucci products, but I do have one Gucci mainline E. Zegna made suit bought in 07 and I still wear to this day. I think the forum tend to discount fashion brand a bit unfairly
this is sick, in a good way
#17 D'avenza great stuff
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