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Use to be pediwear, but now I'm not sure if there is any general consensus anymore. you can check out http://www.fransboonestore.com/ they have very limited stock left CJ on sale (and some sweet tricker as well)
good stuff, especially now fall is coming, someone should grab this
they do take phone order, and they still have some stuff on sale (discounted model+seconds, not sure if there are firsts), though at the current exchange rate, I'm like 99.999% sure you can get better deal if you don't mind international shipping
good stuff
I can't wear Oxford on 348 (too tight on toebox) but Tetbury works, not sure if it's any longer just feel more volume (so I would guess width?)
Wouldn't fully dismiss the possibilities RL version are mix of hand and bench grade, CJ for BB has closed channel sole but it's not handegrade in its fullest
US 36S or R sometimes
Can you take a picture of US 36 section, if any
Cool stuff
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