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what do you guys think this as alternative http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/black-twill-cotton-flannel-five-pocket-jeans.html http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/regular-straight-jeans-12-oz-black-denim-912.html think Monitaly is typical straight fit, no idea about Big John, though definitely not interested in spending 3 month to break in (I only wear jeans on the weekend and definitely not black all the time, so might be even longer)
Selling RRL slim fit (too tight for me, plus getting a baby so doing closet clean out). I wear 28 waist in RRL low straight, and true waist is 29.5~30 in. The rigid is barely worn, washed once, Black is worn, but very infrequently, washed a few times (can't recall), both are never hemmed, I just roll them up. Paypal, only ship to verified address, all sold as it is, no return. Only continental US, can do pick up if you're in NYC, take offers if you purchase...
Does anyone know if RRL make black jeans in low straight? I have it in slim and got to say doesn't quite fit me that well (too tight...), probably will have to sell it sooner than later
Nice, might just have to buy it after all
How do you guys service your watch? Bring to Omega and they still got parts for 321? Separate question, I know JLC service is probably going to cost like $1k these days, for JLC owner do you guys send to botique? Or there is someone in NYC you can recommend (my is new so not going to worry about for hopefully 5~7yr).
in amazing condition too
good stuff, wish it was E
Anyone tried this (i.e. TTS?), I assume this is more like a chino than jeans? http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/black-twill-cotton-flannel-five-pocket-jeans.html probably going to sell my RRL black slim (too slim, going to stay with low straight for now), and don't really need a hardcore jean, so either this guy or Big John (which only has size 29 left instead of 30, my TTS size)
yup 9D barrie definitely works
can we do some really dark burgendy, like Vass oxblood kind of dark
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