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looked something like this (not my, just googled it) http://album.blog.yam.com/show.php?a=combo&f=1136566&i=39788958 i.e. cut pretty short actually
When I was in the Military Police (in Taiwan) we were issued Eisenhower jacket (in crap quality wool, mostly for winter), though since most of us were conscripts they take it back after you're done. I actually thought it look pretty good.
890 in wholecut looks better than captoe to me, anyone tried 890 here?
I decided to keep the 3 piece suit I linked previously, got around $700 so thought might as well give this look a try.
good stuff
not sure about everywhere, though I would think there are way too many RRL in NYC for sure... I mean the small one in Mansion is probably necessary, the one on West Broadway is great, but not sure why they also need RRL specialty store on Bleecker, Prince St
looking good
definitely (assuming you mean EU 46R, so US 36R), I decided to keep my, had them altered at Bloomingdales at the moment
Not sure if I want to keep it or return to Bloomingdales, my aesthetics is still too English, maybe I should get a sports coat instead...
sweet stuff
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