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Anyone know the best AD (US based, unless significant better pricing in Europe lately...) source for JLC? Looking for Master Ultra Moon, looks like grey market is ~30% off, what's the realistic AD price?
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Where are you guys holding it?
Good stuff
I don't plan to layer field jacket so in same size as suit will always be too big (and possibly still too big depends on if it's layer over jacket or sweater). I'm too short to play with the loose fitting most of the time...(it can work but if it's loose fit length need to be shorter as well which is generally not the case at 36 US short suit size)
Anyone own both the Eidos Sal trouser as well as the new Rota higher raise with sidetab? I have Eidos suit pants from Bloomingdales (ok fit wise, nothing spacial) which is more like regular to low raise, I also have Rota that's medium raise (fits well, has roughly the same leg opening as my other slim ish trouser without weirdly hugging the leg, which is a huge plus), want to try some higher raise with side tab, just want to see if someone has both?
Monitaly is really good stuff I have the double breast pea coat like coat a few season back, would grab the mountain parka if I didn't have something similar from RLBL already (plus too many outwear in general...)
My experience in general is BB in small typically fits 38 rather than 36 (with a few exceptions here/there)
good stuff
awesome px
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