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super sweet stuff, don't need more outwear otherwise this is super tempting
aha, great, thanks for the info.
nice collection
3. Ivory flat front Super 100’s wool trousers. Size 48. 100% Wool. Zip Fly. SLIM FIT. £105 + shipping. wish this was 46, good stuff
good stuff
6. Paul Stuart Phineas Cole Linen Pants in Mocha Brown size 32 Made in Canada using Italian fabric. Gorgeous ! As new $120 $100 $90 wish it was size 30
that looks almost like 36, it has been altered significantly?
They definitely stretch, don't know how much though and my experience is based on Japanese denim era
heatwave in London is far and between, for the 2yrs I was in London I never felt it been that hot (disclaimer I grow up in Taiwan where we can get 100F + insane humidity). Why do you need suit if it's leisure, I would just go with sports coat, though if you travel north it can get quite chilly in the night (lake region/Scottland)
sent to spoo
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