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Are these AS for Foster and...
i don't know what's out there, though can you show me a non leather dress shoe that looks good (that I can buy)
My original reply was more talking about if we can whole shoe out of somethings other than leather while just looks as good, don't think we're there yet, bottom wise rubber sole win in terms of durability any time of the day
I mean I hope all RTW default rubber sole for boots, me personally anyway...
Not saying bottom, saying upper, don't mind rubber sole
If there is then I'll buy it, we're just not there yet (not sure if we'll be anytime soon, no one bother to invest on that area). also the upper never quite take the beating like the bottom does... The guy got Foster and son by both CJ and AS
good to know, I guess it's a bit like AE vs. Alden
I guess why Heschung instead of Paraboot in the 1st place? By the way where can you get Paraboots in the US, Bloomingdales carry full size only on limited model, Citishoes also carry few model, anyone else sells them?
Good studf
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