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Sub 700 couple years back, on sale for 350... Guess none of that any more
In 36/38 , not the same volume of supply, you can still find lots of deal in larger size (especially in ebay), 36 to 42 has always been harder to find deal (with 42 a lot easier than 36), and when they come it's not the old day where you see someone go I got RLBL in 36 to 42 all in solid navy 2~3 in each size
Don't think BS is over priced in today, but relative to then it's "over priced", not that seller is greedy and just wait for sucker to bite rather it's the source px has gone up, you don't see RLPL suits go 85% off these days, so if the seller bought his RLPL suit at 50% off, even if he is willing to put quite a bit concession it's not going back to those 09/10 days where someone who bought at 80% off (and at lower retail than today) can give you another 10% concession...
well, RLBL back then is $450, even in solids, pine stripe can be had for
Awesome stuff
there is more than 20 apple watch on my floor, what's interesting is1. Mostly on guy who used to not to wear watch2. All of them can buy Rolex without blink but they didn't. What that tell me is it is indeed reaching out to people who doesn't wear watch normally3. Lastly, over 1/2 of them are 40 to 50 years old
is back length from the bottom or from the top?
A lot good stuff
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