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Don't think so,Neiman Marcus sell John Lobb but not Bontoni and few other BG exclusives
I thought everyone on the row starts at 5k?
That's how my father dress, he went from the 3rd son of a farmer to well above middle class, he has more waistcoat and loud tie and boderline too loud shoes than I can ever feel like pulling off
Probably not a lot, isn't it another $20 or so cheaper in Japan? Can't speak for Japan, but generally speaking manual labor even in the developed bits of Asia ex-Japan (HK/Singapore/Taiwan/South Korea) are still relatively cheap
they definitely carry more tie than what's shown online, as to shirts I think it's in general "different" outside stable item than more or less
Does it have to be "birthday" cake, otherwise I think you can try lady m in plaza hotel next central park
Well, BG always have sale, eventually...
sweet piece, and I think my size
some nice ties
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