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Have same Heleny love it as well
Saks NYC is not carrying E.G. all together...
Can always do one man one vote but gerrymandering to the next level, won't be hard to create something like 40% of the vote give you 80% of the parliament seats...
Haven't received mine, guess soon:)
I like the Henley a lot actually because it's thick
sounds like jeans (hi at least they're RRL!) and gap t-shirt
JLC Master Ultra Thin Moon 925/1 (2016 with the new rotor)
as a soon to be father I think I'll start wearing jeans a lot more often, instead of real sports coat I can imagine myself with RLBL technical stuff, TS's quilt jacket, not sure how Augusto's fabric takes baby puking... i.e. Need something I don't mind send to laundry more often
In terms of "casual" suit I really like Camoshita, Augusto feel more casual than that, somewhere between Camoshita and Engineers Garmensts/TS (S) I suppose.
Check Lane HK think they're closer to US pricing
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