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how about the Anthony cut RLPL (at significant lower px than other RLPL but pricer than the old RLBL), still caruso I guess?
you can find it, some sportscoat/suit are made in USA (thus I assume HF)
Additional 30 off on RRL, bought the slim fit indigo cotton pants (cord) want to get some RLBL suit though wife would probably shoot me at that point haha
looks pretty slim, close to 36?
madison cut?
Some really cool stuff here
Ah in store only? Guess time to call some SA...
I thought you suppose to take these TTS vs. downsize 2 in rigid officer chino? I assume your comment on fit is TTS on Clydes vs. size down 2 on the original officer chino?
How often do you wear the rigid, my completely soften in less than a month (daily wearing though)
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