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so many good stuff I guess it's a good thing that nothing is my size...
Thanks for the info guess I'll skip...
Too big, good stuff though
sounds interesting, might give a shot
can anyone comment on Cleverley's sizing, GG/EG size (0.5 down from US) or CJ size (1 down from US)? Also if I find 348 to be too narrow in toebox would Cleverley be automatically out (348 in 8.5E UK, 9E would work but it would be too long, GG MH71 in 9E UK is just barely enough room in toebox, TG73 is completely no go)?
nice, how are the sizing on this? Are they like GG/EG (1/2 down from US) or CJ (one size down from US)?
awesome stuff
one place dainite doesn't work well that I can think of is marble, this new sole looks slimmer, wonder how it stack up to the rubber soles GG uses
same size
Probably for the Japanese market, if they're the real thing then it semi justify the price (real thing as in they're painted layer after layer to make it, would cost quite a bit even in China)
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