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great deal, wish they were my size
Well, shell are my go to bad weather shoe (both Marlow and CJ for BB cordovan boots plus rider shell chukka). Upper is just fine after some cream and hitting with the brush. I'll definitely resole the bottom with dainite this time around, Nelson or CJ. Heel is all gone, I got lazy and topy the front half way, so it's in OK condition. I walk a lot in general though, easily over 10 miles over a week.
Good idea
So has anyone recraft their Marlow with CJ yet? Debating between B Nelson or the whole recrafting with CJ...
And other than knit tie I really don't like skinny ties..., though that's certainly personal preference
Don't think I can really agree with anything other than that fit is the most important part in a suit. What's wrong with silk tie, and since when did linen and wool tie become more staple item? On the note of fit I would also add how the suit move when I move is something I pay more attention to now, kind pointless if the suit only looks good if I am motionless
great deal
Actually I forgot to ask CJ how much it is to put on commando sole. I use shell cordovan as bad weather shoe...
But of course B Nelson won't have the original last
I think B. Nelson is $95 and 2 weeks?
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