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good stuff and good Px
cool stuff
dumb question, are these itchy (compare to say Inis Meain which is more luxury than real fishermen tough sweater, at least the ones from Barneys/NMWA)
Awesome deal on the CJ
always good to learn something new, thanks!
dumb question, what's the English direction?
can't tell you for sure, though I have the exact same one belowhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-RING-JACKET-HARRIS-TWEED-Gray-Speckled-Wool-Sport-Coat-Blazer-46-36-R-1260-/221925665954?hash=item33abcceca2:g:baIAAOSw~bFWMRA5and that's AMJ03, if they can ask them to take the back side of the black tag, that will tell you which model it is on
Anyone has experience with authenticwatches or watchesonnet, there some good deals on Omega (yes I realize they're not AD...)
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