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let me know if you ever get the Polo I or Polo II model in Custom Fit 38s...
I assume Berluti and other luxury brands are doing well, Berluti just opened a store in Taiwan recently, that is at least a surprise to me. LV is saturated in Asia for sure, no figures, but everyone in Shanghai who could afford LV (by any means, whether it's a drop of bucket or half year salary) already got one, same thing goes with LV in Japan and probably South Korea.
No I don't, this is what happens when I sticking into a conversation couple hours later. Though, back to your point, Chinese will not achieve the dominance English has today, but English will not maintain its status quo, that was more or less my point. Also I don't see why Chinese is inherently harder to learn, as a native speaker in Mandarin Chinese I find English immensely difficult when I start to learn them in 7th grade.Perhaps colonization was a factor for south...
good RL pants
which model?
Length 29", boc I assume? this is altered to 38S can you take a picture of the inner tag?
nice, how I wish they were smaller...
Technology was the great inequalizer among countries 100 years ago (i.e. population size does not correlate with economical output), to be sure, there will still be differences, but not the kind we have seen in the past century
nice, wish this was 36
wish this was 36
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