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awesome price
damn wish it was smaller
That TF price seems a bit low, was it say around 2010? I think it's more like $5K these days, haven't walk into Dunhill for a while, but last time I checked it's like
I mean wear it often
with that cover, hard not to be
use it often, it will get dull pretty soon, CJ shell are not like Alden shell, it doesn't get as "shiny"
In the US I think Zegna Couture is probably same Px as Tom Ford if not somewhat lower
Interesting, and price? Dunhill use to be mainline Zegna category with a mark up, now it's couture/XXX/15mm (no idea about Zegna's line these days) level with mark down?
Lobb definitely go on sale, though size and styles are usually pretty limited once you get to $700 ish for Lobb
By the way do you guys lower the buttoning point for single button jacket
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