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haha oh well, can you post measurements when you get it in any case (keeping or returning it)thanks!
I had 28 in the basket and was wondering about the same thing, but looks like they're gone now, wouldn't happen to be you?
anyone ever tried this? http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=42446706&prodFindSrc=cart&sProdEvar=Shopping+Bag Is it true to size or the usual downsize 2, for reference I wear 28 waist in both low straight and the very first season's officer chino
Barneys New York has some sub 250 CJ (velvet slipper under 150), also some John Lobb around 800, though very limited size
#2 is sweet, unfortunately U last just doesn't work for me, good luck
good stuff, one suggestion, probably best to post picture next to description for people who are not familiar with RRL
cool stuff
good stuff
cool stuff
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