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No price adjustment by the way:p
how good/bad?
awesome px, wish it was my size
Club Monaco actually stepped up in terms of both fit and quality by quite a bit as of late (I didn't check them out for nearly 8 years in between, so not sure if the progress is recent)
that looks like 11+ in leg opening though
think I meant to quote a mix of you and Gruff, doing this on cell phone is just not easy...
Rebrand RLBL is 2500, traditional RLPL is still around 4 to 5k. As to going to bespoke I disagree, I have seen my own share of less than satisfactory bespoke. I can see people who prefer certainty and available right now over bespoke.
For me it makes a lot sense, though probably harder for some in between guy
very nice
awesome stuff
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