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good price as well
cool stuff
that looks amazing!
By the way just out of curiosity, who do you guys consider as your comparable? The only thing that has even remotely similar cut and at this price point that I can think of is some of the Polo Ralph Lauren stuff (Polo II suit, not even sure if they still make them). I guess Brooks Brothers' new own make or 101 whatever they call it might have something "similar" ish, but nothing really comes to my mind.
you got amazing collection
I personally think Bloomingdales's SA is the least knowledgeable out of all the department stores in NYC (Bergdorf Goodman/Barneys New York usually know better, Saks Fifth is quite a bit depends). I think your current jacket length is fine (I take short anyway), though completely understand why SA would push for shorter given the current trend.
I am used to my current schedule, so I am almost always up around 5:50, even on weekends, so wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a few more like me...
good to know, thanks for the info.
Not CJ that's all I can tell
good stuff
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