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We just try to compromise, historically we will wear the equivalent of slipper most of the time..., not the most elegant solution with suits yea?I grew up in Taiwan, if there is a real down pour, you just won't wear the same shoe next day, it won't get dried in a day even if you stuff newspaper in it. That goes with sneaker/leather shoes
Sartorial Wasteland (doesn't matter which one) usually has some hidden gem, since not as much people paying attention to it...
By the way they have some cool knit tie (made in Germany, no idea by who), it's light blue but with various shade of brown (knitted with more than one color). Also got them in red and a shade brown.
very nice, though some of the chiseled toe are too much for my taste
My EG are always labeled UK length/US length UK width
They have it in store only
All the drake fit I have seen are custom fit
http://www.thearmourystore.com/outerwear/rj-re013f02b-grey-wool-cashmere-overcoat Do you guys have this in the NYC store in 44 or 46?
Nice stuff, definitely hard to find size
my top choice would...
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