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Or Barneys, though Bloomingdales will get you further under $2k
Black, definitely longer than pea coat looks what I call "impressive"
Aha no upsizing, guess I can always return if it doesn't work out
Good to know! Did you take 40 (think you're 38 in Eidos?)
All right might give a try then, the double breast and rust hospack looks both pretty tempting
And whoever bought the last AS pebble grain loafer, that was awesome stuff
Great sale, picked up the pea coat like Monitaly, if wife wasn't there would probably bought bunch more stuff...
cool stuff
I like the Cantarelli stuff you guys were carrying (fabric wise), the issue for me was sizing, 48 EU was just a bit too big (and pretty short, though just acceptable) for 36 US even though it is definitely slimmer than typical EU 48
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