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Some of these incotex are a diffusion brand, filter those out I think most px around $120, with $60-80 seems like an immediate moving px
Very English looking for Isaia
Do you guys get hit with import duty (Australia to US)?
Personally I would wait when Drake for Barneys go on sale, Bloomingdales sometimes has the worst taste even with the "right" brand
good stuff
Measurement sounds like 38R to 38L?
Sadly no
It's online now though the store do have more than what's shown online
White cotton pants. Button fly, side adjusters, flat front, unlined. Pants have some shop/storage wear, mostly bottom of the leg, nothing bad/no stains, just not pristine. Sizes 32 and 34 $129 how I wish this is 30...
It's available in the store on Madison ave., at least a month back any way
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