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What kind database do you guys use if I want to interact with R or pyhton? I am thinking of some personal project for fun, database doesn't have to be relational, what would be the most intuitive way to load data parse and do computation on the fly, query speed just have to be ok, I value flexibility and ability to calculate and manipulate data on the fly more so than anything else. Oh and data is not necessarily static in the sense that I upload once and be done with...
Nothing in my size, oh well..
Why bother to put Reno on brand new shoe?
Versace use to be excellent (top line Zegna) decades ago, Gucci was good when Tom Ford was around. I wouldn't write them off just because they're fashion brand, I have no idea how good/bad they're these days though PS and wasn't dior pretty good too? Construction wise, not my type of cut...
Is there a model with seamless heel?
Well a lot factories also make things of vastly different qualities
still not sold? I have the rider oslo boot in shell, great stuff
Great stuff
My complaint about GG would be ever increasing price, but service and quality has not deteriorated, what happened in your case? I don't think I want to spend more than ~1k on shoes at the moment...
I think it's item specific, for example my Polo (made in Italy), RLBL/RLPL pants are pretty TTS (waist wise), while RRL has always been down size 2, jeans or chino (i.e. if I am size 30 true waist I buy 28 in RRL).Suit jacket wise, RRL fits similar to RLBL, don't really own any other item from RRL so can't comment.
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